Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bane’s Capital Performance.

Late 1992 saw the release of “BATMAN VENGEANCE OF BANE”, a pretty amazing comic book story both then and now.

Bane was the catalyst for the epic Batman comic saga “Knightfall” and, for a villain of such relatively recent vintage, has transcended the comics to an extent reserved for such classic creations as The Joker, Riddler, Penguin, and Catwoman.
The "Old Guard".

Now, it's MY turn!

Breaking out of the printed page (…as if it could HOLD him), Bane has appeared in several DC Comics animated series: BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES, BATMAN BEYOND, THE BATMAN, BATMAN THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, and YOUNG JUSTICE – as well as a few of the “Direct to Video” DC Animated productions.

Bane from THE BATMAN!

Bane was horribly misconceived in Joel Schumacher’s infamous “Batman and Robin” feature film, where darned near every character was “horribly misconceived” – but none more so than poor Bane!
Did Schumacher EVER read my comics?!
But, forget “Batman and Robin” (…Yeah, like you needed MY prompting to do THAT!), and be sure to enjoy 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises”! …Preferably, on Blu-ray, as I did!

Director Christopher Nolan’s version of Bane in this film is nothing short of amazing! Actor Tom Hardy is magnificent in the role! …And if that is REALLY Hardy’s VOICE speaking from behind the mask, I am truly looking forward to seeing him in other villainous roles.

Bane’s origin is different from the original, by comics writer Chuck Dixon, to be sure – but it still works very well within the Batman mythos! And, the now iconic visual of Bane hoisting Batman over his head and cracking his back over Bane’s knee is brought to startling life by Nolan, Hardy, and Christian (Batman) Bale!

Ah, the CLASSICS! 

The Dark Knight Rises” is a LONG film… perhaps longer than it SHOULD be. But, I guess when you pay to see a blockbuster, length is part of the deal – lest you feel shortchanged.

Still, 02:44:32 is a long running time – even to spend with Batman. And it REALLY only plays for that “two-and-three-quarter-hours”, when in a theatre – and it progresses as unstoppably as Bane himself.

Watching it at home, as I NOW PREFER TO DO, stopping and rewinding to see and /or hear certain things over (and over) again, pausing for the inevitable interruptions – both necessary and otherwise, rest room and snacking breaks, phone calls and texts, and whatever else life throws your way… that 02:44:32 played more like FOUR HOURS to experience the film from beginning to end!

But, any time Tom Hardy’s Bane was on screen was time well spent! And, despite all the meandering, the film had a wonderful (and fitting) end to it.

See the film – and, in particular, its version of Bane – and let me know what you think!    
I'd say it gives ITS PREDECESSOR a serious run for its money -- and may end up as the best one of all! 


Ryan Wynns said...


I never saw The Dark Knight Rises when it was in theaters, but purchased the dvd on Tuesday evening, and watched it this morning. Kind of neat to know that we both went through this experience at about the same time! :)

I thought the that the film was excellent; both harrowing and beautiful, even. At first, Bane's voice struck me as being too over-the-top, but before long, I'd decided I was witnessing a brilliant performance. And not to mention what might just be the all-time best screen realization of Selina Kyle.

I could watch it a few more times, within a week, and not get sick of it...

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...


I could watch it a few more times too… but where would I get the “four-hour intervals of time” to do so? :-)

Great point on Selina, whose portrayal I unfortunately ignored in my focus on Bane. Excellent work there too, in her having the delinquent ward/niece/little sister character to watch over that we’ve seen in the comics and other Direct-to-Video animated productions. And the heretofore unthinkable de-emphasis of her “cat-fetish” served both the story and this version of the character quite well!

As for any initial thoughts of Bane being “over the top”… well, he’s BANE!

You can hardly expect him to be dry, witty, and ur-BANE (pardon!), can you?