Friday, December 21, 2012

Lo(bo) in Space!

Hey, all ya feebs, geeks, an' bastiches!
Here at TIAH Blog, we like trying to determine the origins of the various things we like. Even though, in most cases, the true origins of just about anything may never be known. The fun is in the speculation, after all!

Today, we turn our attentions to “Space Bikers” (Yes, really!), the most famous example of which just may be one of our favorite original comic book creations – LOBO! Because, as Lobo would be quick to point out if he were here (…and aren’t we all glad that he’s NOT!), we really should mention him more often at this Blog – he IS “The Main Man”, after all! !

As Lobo rocket-bikes his way through galaxies both known and unknown, we are left to wonder where such an outrageous concept as “Space Bikers” might have originated.

Naw, it couldn't be with US, could it?
My only guess would have to be the wonderfully bizarre LOST IN SPACE episode “Collision of Planets” (1967), in which a quartet of useless misfit hippie space bikers are ordered to destroy the Robinsons’ latest settlement planet before it collides with their own.
Yeah, I guess it WOULD!  Them's SPACE BIKES, all right!
The aspiring “Useful Citizens”, dispatched to become the latest threat to the never-lasting tranquility of the Robinson Party, consist of:

Daniel J. Travanti (who will later star in HILL STREET BLUES… Yes, really, again!)

Be CAREFUL out there, Dan!

Lynda Gaye Scott (actress and heir to the Scott Tissue fortune – as some accounts have reported).

Dawson Palmer: The regular “monster actor” on LOST IN SPACE.

Joe E. Tata: (later "Nat" of BEVERLY HILLS 90210).

I can’t imagine such an outrageous concept as “Space Bikers” predating LOST IN SPACE (…and it’s most “creative” and prolific writer Peter Packer), so let’s toss it there – and remember that whenever we enjoy LOBO in the future.

Enjoyin' yerself, Supes?
You DO enjoy Lobo, don’t you? …If not, pretend you do, just in case he sees this!


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