Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yellow Beak, Meet Cap’n L’Orange!

I may have Yellow Beak all to myself (in at least THIS ONE REGARD), but a fellow named Dan Cunningham has a “bird in the hand” of his own – named “Cap’n L’Orange”! 

Hey!  Who took my CLOTHES!
Yellow Beak and Cap’n L’Orange could probably be shipmates!  Both are feisty birds, born of the Sea… and both can lead you to great treasure! 
YIPPEE!  A new Blog to visit!
Yellow Beak’s treasure is “Pirate Gold”, but Cap’n L’Orange’s is “Blogging Gold”! 

Follow him (and me) to Dan’s Blog “I Can Break Away” for THIS POST on the many incarnations of the DONALD DUCK ADVENTURES title. 
The only Disney comic WITHOUT the Disney name on it?

YELLOW BEAK:  Yo-Ho!  Still remember yer ol’ shipmate, eh?”

DEWEY: “You took us on…”

HUEY:  “…our first adventure!”

DONALD:  And 5,941 harrowing escapes later, we meet again!”
When I wrote those lines for 2011’s DONALD DUCK # 366, I never thought there would be a guy out there like Dan… to catalog ALL of those 5,941  DONALD DUCK ADVENTURES!  …Or, does it only SEEM like there are that many issues! 

Either way, Dan’s got the scoop!  So, go there and make it TWO scoops!

And, be sure to add I Can Break Away to your regular Blog reading list!  I have! 

…Squawk!  …And Quack! 


Dan said...

WOW - Joe, I must be paying you! Thanks for directing so many people over my way, I hope my link to TIAH will do the same for you over time.

Cap'n L'Orange will be quite flattered to share company with the likes of Old Yellow Beak. I must say the two things I liked most about “Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold - Again!” were your script translation and the drool-worthy cover by Daan Jippes. Always looked forward to seeing you, David Gerstein and Geoffrey Blum in the credits, because you guys really can capture the pacing and flavor of Barks' dialogue perfectly.

Keep up the great posts and I'll see you at the "Bucket O' Blood" - SLUMGULLION ALL AROUND, MATES!

Joe Torcivia said...

Paying me is never a bad idea, Dan! :-)

But seriously, thank you for the kind words! To be mentioned along with the likes of Blum and Gerstein is high praise indeed!

I must admit that I had the time of my life doing those scripts, and I was finally working at it somewhat regularly toward the end… when everything went “BOOM!” …Or, “BOOM!” went “POOF!” …Or sumpthin’. I sure hope to have the opportunity to do it again, someday.

I had one more completed SCROOGE script “in-the-can” (a solo-effort, with a guest villain for whom I have great fondness) and a long DONALD script done in collaboration with the incomparable David Gerstein, that were both awaiting a home when things ended. And there are two others (a Gyro and a Beagle Boys) in various states of completion. So, I hope another publisher surfaces soon.

As for “Drool-Worthy Daan Jippes”, the contrast between his ‘80s Gladstone style and his current, far more energetic style amazes me – and nowhere is this more evident than in the two “Pirate Gold” covers he did… the first (sedate one) for Gladstone, and the more recent (action-oriented) one for Boom!

…And you keep up the great posts, too! Why, thanks to my link, you’ll probably get yourself about two more hits! Don’t spend ‘em all in one place!