Saturday, November 24, 2012

More Casting of "Island in the Sky"?

Yep!  That's an ISLAND!  ...And it's in the SKY, all right!  ...Yup, it sure is that, b'golly!

Gosh, we've certainly written a lot about this Floyd Gottfredson classic Mickey Mouse comic story lately! 

Could it be because we've enjoyed reading it again so darned much in this magnificent volume from Fantagraphics? 

Does it get better than THIS?  I don't THINK SO!

As they used to say in old Warner Bros. cartoons: "Eeehh... Could be!" 

...And, just because we've enjoyed it SO MUCH... We're gonna write about it AGAINWoo-Woo!  Woo-Hoo!

In THIS POST, my intrepid commenters and I came up with some live actor casting suggestions for "Island in the Sky"

It seems that, back in the early 1950s, when "Island in the Sky" had only been printed a mere FOUR times, director William Wellman (...who helmed THIS amazing early film classic) may have done some casting of "Island in the Sky" as well. 

Somehow, I'd bet that, if Captain Doberman sent THIS GUY (above) after Dr. Einmug's formula, he'd have probably gotten it for his country! 

Of course, if Einmug is to be believed, we might also have not seen the last 75 years, or so! 

Maybe it's a good thing Doberman sent Mickey after all! 

"Mickey, Mickey... He's our Mouse!  He's the BEST!  And Pete's a... Louse!" 
-- Unnamed Crowd Members from "The Treasure of Marco Topo" Part Two, in WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES # 720 (...alas, to this point, the final issue!).  

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