Friday, November 9, 2012

Give-eth and Take-eth!

…Or, “Let There Be… aw, you know!”

After eleven (…I’ll say it again for emphasis – ELEVEN!) days without power, light, and heat, it all finally returned.

But, with the ever-present “catch”…

Our line for Verizon FIOS is down by the ice and snow storm that FOLLOWED “Franken-Sandy-Storm” – and will not be reconnected until at least November 15 (nearly 7 days from now), so no TV, and Internet.

As a result, Blogging will remain slowed a while longer.



Ryan Wynns said...


You seem to have held it together far longer than I would've! I'm relieved to hear that *almost* everything is up and working again ... but having to wait that long for Internet service to be restored (and I've been there) would *really* drive me crazy. I know very well how even *one* day without working Internet can seem too long, but I also know that when it's restored, they'll be a brief feeling of relief, and then, the (major) inconvenience and frustration will be forgotten.

Like I said several days ago, I'm very glad to know that you're okay ... and now even gladder to know that you won't be perpetually living in "the dark ages". :)

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

We keep on "keepin-on", Ryan!

Oh, and did I mention we still have gasoline lines so long, I've taken the bus to work all week?

In fact, I've published THESE comments WHILE riding a bus!

Ain't technology grand!

top_cat_james said...

To paraphrase that classic Simpsons scene: "No Internet and no TV make Joe something something."
"Go crazy?"

In all seriousness, I'm glad to hear that you are doing fine under difficult circumstances,and above all,maintaining a positive attitude.

Though I can't quite shake the mental image of you hovered over your comic book collection as wifey threatens to burn them for heat, while you frantically offer substitutes such as the wedding album or the tax records.

Stay safe, Joe.

ramapith said...

"Let There Be... aw, you know!"

Don't worry; when I saw that first graphic you posted, I knew exactly what you needed.


(Kidding aside, I can't wait until your life returns to normal...)

Joe Torcivia said...

Both TCJ's SIMPSONS quote and David's link image (...of an old-style classic Mickey Mouse head in the middle of a light burst) are exactly what I needed to start Saturday morning! Thanks, guys!

No comic burning here... As TCJ notes, there are plenty of "alternative fuel sources" before we come to that!

Still commenting from my phone.

ramapith said...

I actually "assembled" Mickey from that empty light burst you had on your original posting! It was easy to find a '30s Mickey face and just plop him on top for the desired effect.

Joe Torcivia said...

I thought that light-burst looked too familiar for coincidence! As a personal effort on your part, that makes it all the more cheerful.

Especially, while reading Vol. 4 of the Mickey / Gottfredson Library, as I'm doing right now.

Chris Barat said...


Still waiting on Gottfredson vol 4, but it AND the Xmas for Shacktown volume are supposed to arrive at the store next week.

Hope that the sitch continues to improve up there.


Joe Torcivia said...

The "sitch" is improving stitch-by-stitch, Chris.

Is Gottfredson's "Island in the Sky" (in Vol 4) one of the greatest comic stories of ALL TIME, or what?!

Chris Barat said...


"Is Gottfredson's "Island in the Sky" (in Vol 4) one of the greatest comic stories of ALL TIME, or what?!"

You got dot right, mine friend! Und der other stories in diss collection aren't bad, either.


Joe Torcivia said...

Vol 4 is the best one so far -- and clearly where Gottfredson hit his true stride!

ramapith said...

IMHO, Floyd's stride began as early as "Blaggard Castle" in Vol 2. That's when he began handing off the scripting to colleagues—evidently giving himself more time to think about both plotting and pacing. "Blaggard" and "The Mail Pilot," as the first results, have such evocative concepts and imagery.
For me, Vol 3 is the first book of entirely "high" Gottfredson; but Vol 4 might contain his single greatest consecutive string of stories. (OTOH, future books will hold their own...)

Joe Torcivia said...

I'd back it up to "Pirate Submarine", in the previous volume. But THIS partiular string of stories, once we got past the ostrich, is the BEST there's been to this point.

Jim said...

Glad you are ok, Joe...and making the best of everything (such as blogging from the bus) with far more patience and good will then I know *I* would show. Hope everything is up and running soon...I and all of your readers are looking forward to more posts soon. (and I agree with everyone that the Gottfredson volumes are awesome!)--JIM

ramapith said...

Oh, but Oscar is so damn good, too. Any critter that eats that much can't be all bad. (And Floyd would return to the "troublesome ward or pet is dumped on Mickey" theme every couple of years... with the kangaroo, genie, cannibal, lion, gorilla, and Man of Tomorrow yet to come!)

Joe Torcivia said...


Verizon’s services are scheduled to be reconnected by Thurs. / Fri.

Then, we can resume FULL Blogging. Meanwhile, who’d ever believe you’d be able to Blog from a bus!

Would you, could you… from a bus?

Yes I can… without much fuss!

I’ll post and comment, “Sam-I-Am”…

I’ll do so, ‘cause I’m such a ham!


Joe Torcivia said...


I don’t mean to be hard on Oscar, he’s okay. I also loved Popeye’s “Hungry Goat”!

But, my point is that this is where Gottfredson seemed to kick the adventures into really high gear!

…And, “Island in the Sky” (or “Mickey Mouse and his Sky Adventure”, as I first knew it) has been one of my all-time favorite comic stories, since I first read it as a kid in the Gold Key reprint!