Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tomorrow is Another Day… or House… or Sumpthin’!

Yeah, we’re STILL writing about the Floyd Gottfredson Mickey Mouse ultra-classic comic story “Island in the Sky”!   Someday, I hope to have as many posts about it as there are PUBLISHED VERSIONS of the story itself! 

…And, we’re also still enjoying the amazing Tex Avery’s theatrical cartoons on DVD, as detailed HERE! 

“We” (…and exactly when did “Me” become “We”, anyhow?) also love it when such things come together.  Any excuse for another post, I always say, especially as we’re racking them up at an UNPRECEDENTED RATE. 

So, here’s Dr. Einmug’s house / complex from “Island in the Sky” (1936-1937), followed by Tex Avery’s “House of Tomorrow” from the 1949 MGM cartoon of the same name. 

…Kinda similar, ain’t they? 

And, just because we’ve got ‘em in our file, here’s a few more images of Einmug’s place to aid in the comparison! 

I guess it was just a popular architectural style of what was then a “modern era”.  We’ll (There he goes gain with that “WE” stuff!) let the students of architecture out there elaborate further, while “we” close with the observation that both Tex Avery and Gottfredson’s Mickey Mouse would each have an eye on “Tomorrow” down the road: 
Well, Tex "had an eye" on SOMETHING, anyway!
Avery would produce “Car of Tomorrow” (1951), “TV ofTomorrow" (1953), and “Farm of Tomorrow” (1954)…

…While Mickey would visit “The World of Tomorrow” and meet “The Man of Tomorrow”! 

Anyone wanna lay odds I’ll (we’ll?) have another post… Tomorrow? 
"P'could be!"


ramapith said...

Don't forget Goofy's futuristic house (built right on top of his old one!) in "Monarch of Medioka."

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, clearly, that’s where Goofy must have gotten the idea from! ...Right? :-)