Thursday, October 4, 2012

It's Coming!

...And, I'll be going -- one week from today! 


Ryan Wynns said...


I think I'm going to be saying this every year, but ... already? Boy, did the past year go by fast! :)

I have no definite plans yet to go ... As far as panels and back issue browsing/shopping, I kind of feel like I've been able to say I've done it. But, visiting/catching up with you, David, and whoever else still remains a definite reason to go, so I'm thinking that I should attend for at least one day!

(Perhaps Saturday would make the most sense? I'm going to look into it...)

I'll let you know! :)

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...


It would be great to see you there. Saturday, though convenient for travel, tends to be the most crowded day – and the most difficult to negotiate. But, as you know, we always manage! Keep me posted by regular e-mail.


Chris Barat said...


Wish I could go, but my family is throwing me a 50th b'day party on that weekend. Nicky and I will be going up early Sat. and staying over until Sun.

Here's hoping we get some news about the future of American Disney comics.


Joe Torcivia said...

Happy birthday, Chris… But you knew that *I* knew that… when you read the start of my Gold Key 50th post! :-)