Saturday, October 13, 2012

Does a Day Get Better Than This?!

Congratulations to the New York Yankees – winners of the American League Divisional Series over the amazing Baltimore Orioles! 

The Yankees won the fifth and final game of the ALDS 3-1…

…And I got to see most of that win from a seat in a Manhattan Mexican restaurant, surrounded by a group of great friends – all of whom had just completed a fun-filled day with me at the New York Comic Con! 

Then I return home to celebrate the Yankees win once again with my darling Esther!   

No, this day could not have been better! 

Hint of posts to come:  Beep-Beep!     
Road Runner and Wile E. drink to the Yankees' success -- and to New York Comic Con!


Chris Barat said...


Unfortunately, the following day (yesterday) must have felt like the aftermath of one of Wile E.'s falls off the cliff...

Hard to see how the Yankees can recover, but that's why they play the games!


Joe Torcivia said...

Doctor Smith said it best, Chris:

"Oh, the pain!"