Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth! (Third in a Series of Three) New Funnies # 101. (July, 1945)

Remember the days when Andy Panda was actually known, and Charlie Chicken… Um, Who the HECK is Charlie Chicken.

It’s getting so I can’t (or don’t know) either! …Charlie Chicken?

But, here, Dell Comics put Andy and what-zis-name to work for a good cause!

Happy Fourth, everyone!

Charlie WHO?

Hey! No jokes about “Chuck”-ing your Chicken! This is a family Blog!

We’ll wrap this whole thing up tomorrow! …Just kidding, Charlie! We cool, Chuck?!


Charlie Chicken said...

Jeepers, Joe... an honest, hard-working rooster turns his back for a couple of years and >sniff!< the whole world forgets him...
Me an' Andy were like chicken and biscuits... like Stan and Laurel... like Shaggy and Fred! (A lot like Shaggy and Fred—but I digress... hmph! Wanna-bes!)

Joe Torcivia said...

Sorry, Charlie (as the ads used to say)!

Just thought I’d have a little fun at your expense, as you were the only character in this patriotic series of Dell Comics covers who was not immediately recognizable to the general public.

I should point out, Charlie, that a “mutual friend of ours” (whom I suspect directed you to this Blog post) once showed me the actual comic in which you were HATCHED, and how you literally grew up before our eyes. Okay, not MY eyes – I wasn’t born then, and neither were most of the people reading this Blog – but you get the point.

In fact, both you AND your pal Andy Panda have the distinction of having been observed chronologically from birth to adulthood. Andy in his theatrical cartons, and you in the (alas, never reprinted) comics!

And, just between us, Charlie… You DO get that “Chuck-ing the chicken” joke a lot, don’t you?