Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can One “Spoil” the Future?

As I’ve noted in the past, listening to DVD Commentary Tracks for TV series DVD sets can be like negotiating treacherous waters. You never know when a Big Spoiler is going to rise up and bite you on the (shiny metal) “You Know What”.

That’s why, most often, I’ll only listen to them if it’s a show I know very well, or I’ve already completed the entire set of episodes. My experience with LOST Season 2 has taught me that well. (Click HERE for details!)

So, I’d like to commend the producers of the FUTURAMA made-for-DVD epic “Bender’s Big Score” (2007), and series executive producer David X. Cohen in particular” for uttering the following on the commentary track:

SPOILER ALERT: We’re gonna start discussing things that RUIN THE ENDING so, if you’ve not watched it without the commentary, turn it off now. Watch it, and then turn us on later!”

Considering the wonderfully confusing (and I mean that in a GOOD SENSE) nature of the story – and, especially, its wrap-up – that was very sound advice from Mr. Cohen.

Oh, and there will be more FUTURAMA in this Blog’s… uh, future!

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