Friday, July 30, 2010

Comic Book Covers: Nyuk, Nyuk Ducks?

…Or “Donald Duck and Uncle Stooge”!

…Or, hey porcupine-nephew, start the outboard motor! …Okay, Moe-Mc Duck!

While Duck comic covers abound with gags, both good and bad, how many of them actually indulge in honest-to-goodness THREE STOOGES style slapstick?

The cover of DONALD DUCK # 167 (November, 1975) does – and is one of the very few to elicit an involuntary giggle from me upon first seeing it.

Alas, as were many such covers of the era, it was drawn by Kay Wright and, as such, is nowhere near the Nyuk-fest that it might have been.

Oh, if only a more skilled practitioner had (um…) “drawn” this assignment! Tony Strobl, Daan Jippes, or dare I dream Carl Barks.

Give the level of violence that his version of Scrooge routinely inflicts upon Donald, Don Rosa would have been the perfect artist for the job!


Chris Barat said...


This Kay W. cover gives new meaning to the phrase "Nyuck-YUCK"!


Joe Torcivia said...

And dig that “crazy” color scheme on Scrooge!

I don’t mean “crazy” as in “wild”, I mean “crazy” as in “nuts”!