Friday, February 26, 2010

Always Listen to Your Mother!

As I sit back and enjoy the final season of ABC TV’s LOST, I have my mother to thank for turning me on to this phenomenon. See THIS POST for the tale.

I approached LOST by getting the first three seasons on DVD at a Best Buy sale, and later returned for Season Four when it was released. Seasons Five and Six have come to me via TV, though I also have Season Five on DVD – and will get Season Six when it is released this coming August.

From there, DVD led me to HEROES and FRINGE.

But Mom began telling me about a series called FLASH FORWARD. It was on the same night as FRINGE, so I initially ignored it. But she persisted!

And so, when FLASH FORWARD was released on DVD February 23, I made a point to pick it up. Watched the first episode…
And, as with LOST, Mom was right again!

It’s the same type of “Big Incident Surrounded By Mystery” sci-fi adventure as is LOST. It has its own intriguing characters, whom I will soon get to know. And, as one eye-catching visual image in the first episode indicates,

Oh, and while we’re looking for things, watch for an uncredited and quite unexpected cameo by FAMILY GUY creator Seth MacFarlane, also in that first episode, playing it totally straight.

FLASH FORWARD has a fine pedigree, helmed by such individuals as David S. Goyer formerly of DC Comics and Brannon Braga formerly of STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION. I trust these talented gentlemen will take me on quite the ride!

And, all because I believe that you’re never too old to take advice from your mother!

Finally, one important reminder, please… As I as seeing FLASH FORWARD for the first time – No Spoilers! Thank you!


Kneon Transitt said...

Y'know, I actually couldn't get into 'Flash Forward.' I DVR'd the first two episodes, and sort of lost interest. That certainly doesn't mean it's a bad show, but it just wasn't my cup of tea.

Now the re-imagined 'V' series? Oh yeah -- I LOVED that and cannot wait for its return in a few weeks!

I've also been getting into 'Caprica.' It took some time, as I wasn't a regular viewer of 'Battlestar Galactica,' but it's starting to come into its own and is one of the very few "must sees" for me each week.

Ryan Wynns said...


I just made it to Lost's fourth season. I only started with the pilot just under a month ago. It has been a harrowing ride. The emotional rollercoasters that I've gone through (I'm practically hyperventillating at times) during each of the season finales and subsequent season premieres are absolutely harrowing.

I'm hoping to catch up in time to watch about the last half of the final season during its actual run. I should've heeded your endorsement of this series (and indirectly, your mother's!) sooner, so I wouldn't be cramming like this. But, that's not such a bad thing; I've only enjoyed it.

When Lost is done, I very well may look to playing catch-up with Heroes, Fringe, and Flash Forward, all in turn, to fill the void that will be left.

Joe Torcivia said...

Kneon and Ryan:

Beyond my mother, who is certainly the MOST responsible for my enjoyment of LOST and FLASH FORWARD, I must credit DVD as well.

Since moving to broadcast viewings of LOST, the experience (though still amazing) is diminished over taking it in on DVD. I expect the same will apply to FLASH FORWARD, when I begin to watch it this month.

There’s NOTHING like that “quiet hour” I have in the morning before work to experience a show like this. Without commercial interruption (that seems to be more and more frequent), network promotion “Bugs” on the screen, etc.

It’s not the same as watching it on a computer – and (although I do not do this, but a friend regularly does) watching it on an iPod! Imagine the spectacle of LOST on such a tiny screen! Especially, now that my TV and DVD player have been upgraded, it looks better than ever!

Every morning, during those first three seasons of LOST on DVD, I’d hit one of those gut-wrenching cliffhangers and not want to stop to leave for work.

The same now applies to the first ten episodes of FLASH FORWARD that are currently on DVD.

Kneon, I daresay that you might have a different impression of FLASH FORWARD, if you were to sample it this way. I know, my first impressions of LOST would not have been the same, had I begun with disjointed TV broadcasts that I’d have to watch (or DVR) each week.

On the other hand, “blind buys” of TV series DVD sets can be a costly risk… but with LOST, HEROES, FRINGE, and FLASH FORWARD (in that order of purchase), I have yet to be disappointed… and have been taken on some amazing rides.

And Ryan, for what my recommendation is worth, go for them all in turn!

PS to everyone: Every episode of FLASH FORWARD gives the viewer his or her own “flash forward”. During the brief “title – logo” sequence, a KEY IMAGE that will be seen in the episode is flashed on screen. Look very quickly, or cheat by using freeze-frame. How clever is THAT!


Ryan Wynns said...


I'm impressed that you can make a free hour before leaving for work, every morning! I rush out the door at the last minute (or later!) all too often.

DVD changed the way people watch TV shows - and the way they access them - in a big way. I guess their always was a considerable market for owning complete TV series sets (and not just for shows with a specialized cult following), but the VHS format never accomodated it.

I've actually been watching Lost online via my Netflix account. May as well take advantage that I can watch as many as I want as often as I'd like that way, as long as I've paid my flat monthly membership fee. The resolution on my laptop isn't crystal clear, but more than adequate.

When I'm done with Lost and will surely be pining for more, I'm sure that I will only want to watch those other series!