Monday, February 22, 2010

Edible Economic Indicator.

The economy must be improving.

No, this isn’t from the many experts on the subject, but a more personal observation.

One nice Saturday evening last April (2009), Esther and I (and some friends) enjoyed dinner at Ben Benson’s Steakhouse – an old-school, Manhattan fine dining establishment, where dinner for two runs us about 200.00.

The restaurant seemed about HALF-FULL at the time.

This past Saturday night (February 20, 2010) we did the same.

The restaurant was about 90 % capacity or greater, by my visual estimation.

I’d say that’s GOTTA mean SOMETHING GOOD! (…Even if it was just the food!)

Oh, and if you’re ever in Manhattan do give Ben Benson’s a try. It’s well worth the experience, even if you can only experience it once a year!


Chuck Munson said...

Er, well, Joe, regarding your apparent time travelling capabilities: [Quote] One nice Saturday evening last April (2010),... I'm sure the restaurant is very good, but are you certain you weren't dining at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe? Or rather, since time seems to be going backwards, the Big Bang Burger Bar? I'm feeling so very Arthur Dent-ish right now....

Joe Torcivia said...

Got me, Chuck!

It was, of course, APRIL 2009! I’ve made the correction.


Kneon Transitt said...

Maybe I've been living in a hole in the ground, but I haven't seen much of an impact from the poor economy here in Western PA, save for a couple big box retailers going out of business (Circuit City, Borders, etc.) My understanding is that it's hitting states like CA and AZ much harder.

We did manage to get one heck of a deal on our house in 2008, though. Managed to dodge a bullet too -- almost took out a loan through Well Fargo, then they went belly up before we signed the paperwork.

Joe Torcivia said...


My belief is that Circuit City was a victim of its own poorer service and selection, when compared to Best Buy. When the economy tanked, there wasn’t room for a “second best”.

CC was a less clean, less comfortable environment (loud, obnoxious music incessantly blaring), when compared with BB – and the help was overall inferior to BB’s as well. At least, that’s been MY particular experience. That’s why my laptop, HD TV and Blu-ray player – as well as most of my DVDs – are from Best Buy. The Reward Zone Program doesn’t hurt either!

I may be in a similar “hole”, insofar as the effects of the recession. Life seems to go on for Esther and me (and the folks we know), and we haven’t made many changes other than I’m saving a lot more for retirement. That’s gonna come all too quickly!

Congrats on buying your house in 2008! Oh, how I wish I did the same! We bought at the end of 2005. You know, JUST before the decline and crash of the housing market.
Glad I love the place, ‘cause we aren’t going anywhere for a while.

That’s also why we won’t go to Ben Benson’s more than once a year!