Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy (Parallel) Earth Day!

We’ve all heard of Earth Day, but TV and DVD enthusiasts might say that this week brought us “Parallel Earth Day”.
Sunday, February 21 saw the FOX TV repeat of FAMILY GUY’sThe Road to the Multiverse”, where Stewie and Brian tour multiple, parallel Earths – the many "turns of Terra" including Disney, The Flintstones, and one where the roles of dogs and humans are reversed.
This is one of the very best episodes of FAMILY GUY, delivering laugh after laugh in grand style – and the Disney style animation of FAMILY GUY characters was amazing!
Not to be outdone, DVD stepped up on Tuesday, February 23 with JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRISIS ON TWO EARTHS. This made for DVD adventure takes DC Comics’ greatest heroes and places them in the sort of Parallel Earths adventure that has been a hallmark of DC Comics since the 1960s. In it, the Justice League meets their evil counterparts The Crime Syndicate. Superman and Ultraman, Batman and Owlman, etc. on Earth 3.

This, too, is the best of the Warner Bros. DC Comics made for DVD series. It will be reviewed on this Blog in the near future.
So, let’s compromise between last Sunday and Tuesday and call MONDAY, FEBRUARY 22 “Parallel Earth Day”!
…And let’s all hope we never find the Earth where I never started a Blog! How barren, lifeless, and unfulfilling THAT would be!


Ryan Wynns said...


"Road to the Multiverse" is indeed a fantastic episode. Brilliant in spots.

The part that really gets me every time (has evoked guffaws even upon repeat viewings) is the "newspaper politcal cartoons" universe. It works on two levels: it's funny because that's exactly what newspaper politcal cartoons are like, and, ever partisan, Brian actually finds them that uproarious. (That was Seth poking fun at his own inclinations, I believe.)

The "laziness" of the Flinstones universe was spot-on, too.

Joe Torcivia said...


Brian and Stewie have become the best pair of “animated buddies” to appear probably since Pinky and The Brain. In fact, one can say they’ve easily surpassed P&TB in terms of maximum comedy potential!

I’d recommend "Road to the Multiverse" even to folks who do not like FAMILY GUY! There is truly SOMETHING there for everyone! They mimicked Disney style animation and character design SO WELL! Seek this one out, people!

In fact, the Brian and Stewie “Road” episodes – the amazing “Road to Germany”, “Road to Ruppert”, etc. are always highlights of the series.

Can’t wait for "Road to the Multiverse" to be released on DVD!


Ryan Wynns said...


I agree! I don't understand fans of the show who JUST want Stewie to be scheming to kill Lois, and don't like episodes focusing on Brian's "issues" (dating, aspiring to be an author, etc.) Both characters have become multi-dimensional and more interesting. And when they play off of each other, you're likely to get gold. There's this adversarial friendship dynamic between them that's really taken on a life of its own.

I see what you're saying about them being successors to Pinky and the Brain. I never thought of that, but I see what you mean!

I'm partial to "Road to Germany". The Family Guy crew is pretty good at eschewing the sitcom format (well, in fairness, the show is hardly ever JUST a sitcom - it's always been "wacky"!) and doing an honest-to-goodness action-adventure episode (of course not by any means lacking in humor)!