Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WE MADE 100 POSTS FOR 2009!!! More Favorite Christmas/Holiday Images: WDC&S 64 (1945)

Last post, featuring the cover image for 1964’s Donald Duck # 99 (…fittingly, our 99th Post for 2009!), illustrated that Simple says it best!” with its image of the Ducks in a stately, portrait-like Christmas pose.

In contrast, we present a real beard burner that is about to become rather un-simple for Donald as soon as he catches a whiff of the smoke.

Sure makes you wish you could see what happens next! Enjoy!


Chris Barat said...


A weird mixture of symbols here: Santa Claus, Christmas carol book, candles (typically a Christian symbol).

Walt Kelly was a great artist, but his puffy-cheeked nephews are too cutesy by half.


Joe Torcivia said...


Personally, I loved Walt Kelly’s puffy-cheeked Duck Nephews! They made for great cover gag material. …Might not have worked in the long adventure format, though.