Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow-Blogging! (WDC&S # 341)

For various reasons, this Blog has been dark since Thanksgiving. This weekend, we have a blizzard-conditions snowstorm raging on outside – so why not Blog, while I can!

So, as I face a hellish day of shoveling snow tomorrow (…Something about our popular concept of “Hell” and “Snow”, just don’t seem as if they should go together!) let’s enjoy a snow scene by the great Carl Barks, done for Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories # 341 – February, 1969!

And, know that I am NO LONGER “dreaming of a white Christmas”!

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Joe Torcivia said...

Just for the record, it took over two and a half hours to clear a modest driveway of two-car length (with the two cars already there to prevent additional snow pileup) and the sidewalk in front of my house! Great way to spend a Sunday!