Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Boxing Day from Yogi Bear and TIAH Blog!

More holiday cheer, as we celebrate Boxing Day… with Yogi and friends popping of out (…what else?) a box!

Two things to note:

I doubt Baba Looey has ever appeared anywhere else without Quick Draw Mc Graw (…perhaps QD was off somewhere “El Kabong-ing”) and Mister Jinks REALLY should return that YELLOW POLKA-DOTTED TIE while he can!

Cover Image from Yogi Bear # 13 (July, 1963)


joecab said...

Was this an adaptation of that "Yogi's Birthday Party" special that aired on TV, with the parodies of Fred Astaire and Bobby Darrin? I completely forgot about it until I was in Spain some years ago and they actually aired the thing dubbed in Spain. Apparently the whole thing is on YouTube now, too.

Joe Torcivia said...


No, it was just a birthday-themed giant comic, where the casts of The Huckleberry Hound Show, The Quick Draw McGraw Show, and The Yogi Bear Show turned out for Yogi’s birthday. Each time a character would give Yogi a present, that character would lead into telling a comic story of his own. Huck, Augie Doggie, and Quick Draw had individual stories, and Snagglepuss’ story co-starred Yogi.

This comic is not to be confused with DELL FOUR COLOR 1271 (1961 two years earlier) titled “Yogi Bear Birthday Party”, in which all the same characters showed up – but Yogi was kidnapped to perform in a circus, and was guarded by a silent, brawny gorilla. This was a 32 page story that spotlighted many of the characters quite well! THAT comic, I received as a mail-in premium from Kellogg’s – and didn’t know for many years that it was also a regular newsstand comic.

Oddly, the TV special that you refer to was not part of my childhood viewing – and I watched every H-B cartoon that I could! It appears to have been done about 1961, and some of the background music score makes it contemporary with TOP CAT. Yet, I never saw it until the 1988 syndicated YOGI BEAR SHOW – and later in the 2005 Yogi Bear Show DVD set. It was a surprise “Lost Episode” from Hanna-Barbera’s best period!

More Holiday-Themed comic book covers to come, before year end!


ramapith said...

Wonderful, wonderful stuff. (As you know, I think the early comics are the BEST incarnation of the H-B characters—bar none!)