Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More Favorite Christmas/Holiday Images: The Flintstones # 35. (1965)

As we continue to celebrate the holiday season – and inch ever closer to 100 Blog posts for 2009 (…Ah, the reason for the recent flurry of posts is finally revealed!), here is an all-time favorite of mine… The cover illustration to Gold Key’s The Flintstones # 31. (Cover Date: December, 1965)

The content therein mainly consists of a comic-book adaptation of the original TV series episode “Christmas Flintstone”, written by the great Warren Foster.
In this wonderful story, as many of you may recall from TV, Fred Flintstone substitutes for a sickbed-ridden Santa and (AHEM!) “Saves Christmas” – back before every fictional character and his fictional brother had an opportunity to “Save Christmas”. In fact, at least chronologically (given the time and setting of The Flintstones) Fred is probably the FIRST character to (all together now) “Save Christmas” – before there even WAS Christmas… don’t ‘cha know!

The art for both the cover and interior story is by Phil DeLara.

BTW, I made certain to watch “Christmas Flintstone” on DVD on Christmas Saturday, followed by the Justice League Animated episode “Comfort and Joy”. Best of the classic, and the best of the contemporary!

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