Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Happy Fifth Birthday, TIAH Blog!

Five years ago today, on August 14, 2008, we began this thing – and, lo and behold, we’re still here!  ...And ready to plumb the depths of our Image Archive to celebrate the occasion. 

That means we’ve been active longer than…





BATMAN (The original TV series).

The EXCLUSIVE era of Whitman Comics, with no concurrent Gold Key titles.

Disney Comics (Disney's own In-house brand).


Boom! Disney Comics (Including those I wrote scripts for, alas).


...And a lot of other things we regularly discuss here. 

And, considering this puppy began life as “The Issue At Hand” APA and Fanzine column in 1994, we can claim a lifespan (all told) of 19 YEARS and counting!   …That’s a lotta comics and DVDs covered! 

I’ve said it before – and I may say it each and every August 14 – I’d never have imagined the sheer amount of FUN I’d have with this Blogging thing! 

All of you who read and contribute to this Blog share in its success!  And, I define it’s “success” BY that vast amount of fun!  Both my group of personal friends and the many new friends we’ve made along the way are responsible for that fun. 

Put 'er there, Blogging pals!

Oh-oh! Disagreement?
I’m very proud of the fact that, TIAH Blog is a “nice” place on the Internet where “No Negativity” occurs!  There’s too much of that elsewhere, without my adding more.  Oh, we may disagree here, but we’ll do so in a civilized manner. 
Ah, that's more like it! 
You should also know how grateful I am to receive Blog comments.  It means that someone took the time to read these writings – and share his or her thoughts on them.

I always offer return comments – not because I like to “have the last word”, but because I wish to acknowledge that person’s contribution to our little get-together – and to further the discussion the commenter thought enough of to continue. 

Not this!
But, hopefully, more like this!
Moreover, it is YOUR contributions that add unexpected dimension to posts like THIS ONE and THIS ONE, giving them a life beyond my original intentions. 

Let there be... aw, you know! 
Though, the greatest example of this may always be “Gold Key Comics 50th Anniversary Post” from 2012, where the comments continued to run for two full weeks.  This is one case where the comments may have offered even MORE (in the variety of different areas covered and places the comments “went-to”) than the post itself.  I continue to thank you for that! 

We will do our best to continue to be an interesting place to visit on the topics of Comic Books, DVDs, Classic TV and Films, and to honor those persons who have made our lives all the happier with their contributions to those areas of endeavor, on the sad occasion of their passing. 

And, until I can finally say we’ve “been around” longer than…






Aw, heck…Why not shoot for DC COMICS… 

And, hey... Why not even Warner Bros. itself! 

…We’ll keep it up, here at TIAH Blog – as long as you all keep coming back! 

Sounds like a plan!  

In fact, it sounds like a MONSTER PLAN to Boris and Jimmy!

Everyone agreed?!

Someday, we'll even PACKAGE it!


Chris Barat said...

Congratulations on the anniversary, Joe!

I hope you have something really big planned for the 20th anniversary of "TIAH/All-Forms" next year.


Joe Torcivia said...

Thanks, Chris:

“TIAH/All-Forms”? At twenty? …Nothin’ like putting the pressure on, eh?

Honestly, an “overall twentieth” didn’t even occur to me until you mentioned it! I LIKE it!

Sure never saw THAT coming back in ’94 when, in my first column, I wrote about 1991’s UNCLE SCROOGE # 259! Maybe I should recreate that for the Blog.

And, I should add that Chris was there from the very beginning, and it’s fitting that his is our first well-wish!

scarecrow33 said...

Don't forget you've also been around longer than the "Zorro" TV series--both the Guy Williams and the Duncan Regehr versions, as well as the original "Huckleberry Hound" and "Yogi Bear" shows, and "The Jetsons" and "Jonny Quest", unless you count reruns.

Congratulations on this milestone, and I hope I'm still joining you when you reach the DC Comics level.



Joe Torcivia said...

…And, speaking of “sharing in this Blog’s success”, it’s Scarecrow!

Huck and Yogi are represented… how could they not be? And Guy Williams is there. Perhaps he can also his represent his five-episode arc of BONANZA as well as ZORRO.

Reruns don’t count. If they did, I’d never beat out anything except PINKY, ELMYRA AND THE BRAIN!

And, heck… As I say in the post, why stop at DC Comics, and not try giving Warner Bros. a run for their money! By that time, we’ll probably have technology that will allow me to Blog from the afterlife, anyway!

Oh, wait… Maybe you mean beating-out DC’s “New 52”? …Yeah, I’ve got a good shot at THAT! 

Elaine said...

Happy Birthday, TIAH! Many happy returns!

Nice choice of covers to represent what I call the Disney Interregnum (between Gladstone I and Gladstone II). That Phantom Blot cover is terrific.

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Elaine! Great to have you at the party!

“Disney Interregnum”? I like that! At its beginning you may recall how I sang its praises – and, by its fitting and deserved end, I called it a lot worse! …A LOT WORSE! Let’s split the difference and go with “Interregnum”!

Believe it or not, I had that Phantom Blot cover screened onto a T-shirt, and wore it at San Diego Comic-Con 1990! Ah, those were the young and foolish days!

ramapith said...

If I only could find my "Mickey Mouse, Boxing Champion" shirt—with its priceless Gottfredson image of Mickey firing off his completely unnecessary pistols!

Congratulations, Joe! Keep on Blotting... er, I mean blogging!

Joe Torcivia said...


Funny thing is that, five years ago, I considered naming this little endeavor “The Phantom Blog”. But, as much as I loved the title, it didn’t convey the mood and feel that I knew I wanted. …And, given that I post so regularly, this couldn’t exactly be a “Phantom” Blog, could it?

Besides, I had too much historical investment in “The Issue At Hand” (or “TIAH”) as my personal brand, and didn’t wanna mess with a good thing.

I’ll keep on “Blotting”, that is “Blogging”, as long as you keep “Reatting”, that is “Reading”!

…Hmmm, that didn’t nearly come out as clever as it sounded in my head! Oh, well… It’s my “Blogging Party”, and I’ll “Reat” if I want to! ...Eeesh! I’d better stop now, before this gets any worse!

joecab said...

Congrats, my fellow Joe!

I always enjoy regularly checking your postings. And such exquisite tastes, too! (meaning: he likes a lot of the same things I like!)

I raise my glass of Scrooge's nerve tonic (hey, I've had a rough week) to the next five! *clink*

Joe Torcivia said...

And sendin’ that appreciation right back at ya, JoeC! It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Though, be CAREFUL in the disposing of those “Nerve Tonic Bottle Caps”… As Carl Barks showed us in the forever-classic UNCLE SCROOGE # 6, entire civilizations can fall if they are improperly applied!

Pan Miluś said...


BTW -> Love to hear your'e opinion on this one : ;)

Comicbookrehab said...

it's also lasted longer than "Dark Angel" "Black Scorpian" and "Firefly", and next year (we hope!) "Angel" :)

Ryan Wynns said...


Happy belated birthday!

Five years? It's felt at most like three ... but it's been about that long since the first New York Comic Con (2010) that we met up at (at which BOOM! announced that "Classic are back!"...) , which feels like last week!

...and in contemplating that, one thing is abundantly clear to me: I need to post more! :)

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Ryan!

And, yes… we ALL need to post more! Feed our Blog-Monsters, and keep them fresh!

Post-More… Good! Stale-Blog… Bad!

Darned, though, if the time doesn’t FLY, as you note!