Monday, August 26, 2013

Coming Before Labor Day Weekend!

Coming sometime before Labor Day Weekend...

A DVD Review of a film by this guy!  

Good Ev-ven-ing!  


scarecrow33 said...

Can't wait, Joe!

I've seen all of Hitchcock's feature films, with rare exceptions, most more than once or twice. He was awesome!

Great way to spend Labor Day weekend!

Joe Torcivia said...

Then, we’ll both have fun this Labor Day weekend ev-ven-ing, Scarecrow!

Funny thing is, I’d created this one (according to MS Word Document “Properties”) on September 09, 2011 – so it’s just shy of two years old – and I finally got around to formatting and illustrating it. I’ve got a few like that stored up. Writing just comes easier than “that other stuff”, I suppose.

In fact, I’m STILL illustrating it, as I write this. And that’s why I’m not advertising an actual Posting Date, but I feel secure in estimating Friday morning.

Oh, and it only seems right that I should also announce that yours was this Blog’s 2,000 Comment! Congratulations!

Now, double that and you’ll rival Ichiro Suzuki for career hits! :-)