Friday, August 19, 2011

SpongeBob’s Birth Date – and Other Vital Statistics!

How often is an animated character’s actual date of birth revealed?

Practically never, I’d say! If, for no other reason, than to make that character seem more timeless. For the best example of this, just observe the “sliding timeline” of Homer and Marge Simpson who, last time I noticed, were depicted as being in high school or college in the EIGHTIES! Used to be the SEVENTIES like me!

But, we get the real scoop on SpongeBob SquarePants in the episode “No Free Rides”, in which SpongeBob (at least temporarily) receives his Boat Drivers License. The camera gives us a very brief FULL VIEW of said license – and, with the aid of DVD Freeze Frame, I’m here to give you ALL the vitals!

License Number: A1356021. Expiration: 12-11-03.




Sex: M. Hair: Yellow. Eyes: Blue.

Ht: 0’04” (That’s FOUR INCHES, folks!)

Wt: 1 oz.

DOB: 07-14-86.

As I continue to joyously wend my way through the BIG SpongeBob DVD collection described HERE, I find that “No Free Rides” was Episode 30 of the series – and aired on April 14, 2001.

That would have made SpongeBob LESS THAN FIFTEEN at the time it aired (Old enough to FLOAT, but not VOTE!)… and over 25 at the time of this Blog post!

How ‘bout that! They give drivers licenses to 14 year old goofy sponge kids in Bikini Bottom. I’m stayin’ off the roads in THAT place!

Of course, maybe 14 in “Sponge Years” is something else entirely!

…Now, don’t ya wish you knew how old Homer Simpson – much less Donald Duck and Bugs Bunny – is?

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