Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chase Craig 101.

…Yes, there SHOULD be a college course by that name!

It’s always been difficult for me to think of Del Connell  and not think of Chase Craig. Perhaps it’s because they both had the greatest amount of influence and guidance over my favorite line of comic books. Those published under the Dell and Gold Key banners.

Since we just, regrettably, noted Del Connell’s passing, we now celebrate what would have been Chase Craig’s 101st birthday, courtesy of Mark Evanier’s Blog.

Aside to GeoX… Although I remain flattered at your suggestion that I write some sort of official history of Western Publishing, the piece by Evanier that I link to above shows EXACTLY WHY Mark Evanier may be the only man alive who can do the topic the justice it deserves.

Besides, so much of what I know came directly (or indirectly, via a contact he provided) from him that I’d never dream of putting myself in that company.

Mark, if you’re reading this (…and I’ll not flatter myself to presume so), please consider such a project while one is still possible. There are MANY folks who’d love to get their hands on it.

Thanks for posting such great material on Mr. Connell and Mr. Craig… and thanks for writing that long ago Super Goof Museum story (for George Sherman?) that, decades later, I dialogued as my first professional job!

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