Sunday, July 24, 2011

‘Nuff Said!

First, there was this!

Then, there was this!


It's a comic book, folks... not a game!  (Sigh!)

As a very wise man used to put it: “‘Nuff Said!”


Ryan Wynns said...


On at least a couple occassions, I've had conversations with people around my age in which we start reminiscing about watching The Disney Afternoon during our childhood (admittedly, I am probably the primary instigator in such discussions, more often than not!)...but it quickly gives way to someone else (or maybe even everyone present except me!) reiminiscing about the DuckTales and Rescue Rangers video games of the time. I guess this cover was created with such people in mind.

I think I'm part of the wrong generation ... my thinking is much more like yours: video games can't even hold a candle to comic books!

Scrooge -- as channeled by Barks -- has it dead right. As always.


Joe Torcivia said...


I understand it’s just another of those “generational things”… BUT, as I said in the post: It’s a COMIC BOOK, not a game! To me, there is – and will always be – a wide separation between the two!

And, if I seem to have an objection to this particular design element, consider that it comes directly on the heels of their cancelling the original UNCLE SCROOGE comic!

If not for that, I’d probably shrug it off. After all, *I’M* the one who referenced “Jersey Shore” in the final (perhaps ever) issue of WDC&S! …Even if it was in the service of accommodating (what is to OUR culture) a bizarre plot point!

I feel the timing of this in particular, smacks of planting stinkweed on Carl Barks’ grave! But, as they say, that’s just “one man’s opinion”!

As for that “wrong generation thing”, consider yourself lucky! You get to be “one of us”, without the aches, pains, and other infirmities associated with it! :-)


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Hey hey how! Ducktales and Rescue Rangers for the NES were both great games! I think it's rather on the meaningless side to compare comics (or cartoons) and video games (which is "better," books or movies?), but frankly, I could name a fair few episodes of Ducktales that are substantially worse than NES Ducktales. Just sayin.'

I could understand objections if they'd used a cover like this for a "classic" title, but here we have a videogame-themed cover for a comic book based on a cartoon. Ducktales comics are a genre-crossing thing ANYWAY, so...

Joe Torcivia said...

Fair points, Geo. I won’t argue. It’s generational, and I get that.

But, as I’ve indicated to Ryan, my objection, in part, stems from its coming directly on the heels of the cancelation of the classic UNCLE SCROOGE title -- and after ONLY FIVE MONTHS of true classic (…or classic style) material.

And, no matter your degree of fondness for the game, there’s no way you can honestly call that a good COMIC BOOK COVER. A nice tribute to an artifact of Disney merchandising? Perhaps. But, it’s just not my idea of what a comic book cover should be.

To remove it from a “generational dispute”, I doubt I’d care for a comic book cover that accurately depicts a “Mickey Mouse Watch” and nothing else, either.

Maybe if the “real” nephews were PLAYING the game on the cover… Then, you’d have some (hopefully) “good surrounding art” to help carry and sell the distorted image of Scrooge – which would be tinier and, as a result, more effective.

Or, in my hypothetical case, a large, blue sailor-suit-sleeved, white-feathered WRIST might be WEARING the “Mickey Mouse Watch”, giving the image some gag value.


Comicbookrehab said...

Actually, Joe, That variant cover is hilarious and I would've gladly bought it if the shops had it. (for the $3.99 cover price, of course)

I wish Scrooge was wearing his blue coat in the game...

Joe Torcivia said...

I’m clearly outvoted here… but I suspect Carl Barks would side with me. :-)