Monday, July 11, 2011

“Cag” Me with a Spoon!

Please excuse the “eighties gag” title. Perhaps I should have titled it “Adventures in Aging”… but I’m not quite ready to do that yet!

Esther did something very nice for me. One of SOOOO many things, I might add!

She gave me a Dunkin’ Donuts card pre-loaded with 25.00. Not only that, but you get to personalize the card with an image that you send to the appropriate party at DD.

Sure, it would have been easy to pick Donald Duck or Uncle Scrooge – and I certainly would have liked that. But, she went the extra mile and personalized the card with this iconic image of James Cagney from 1931’s The Public Enemy”! Taken from the storehouse of stock images that I use (and re-use) for my Blog.

This past Saturday, I used the card for the first time.

Handing it to a clearly twenty-something counter person, she said to me – in complete sincerity and without malice: “Is that YOU when you were YOUNG?”

So, how do you respond to THAT?

I wasn’t at all sure, so I offered: “Yes, when I was VERY young!”

Nice hat!” was her reply!

As we walked out, Esther iced the cake by observing: “She probably thinks that, when you were that age, ALL photos were in BLACK AND WHITE!”

…I think I’ll just go off and die somewhere – with my last request being that someone should re-title this post: “Counter …Intelligence (?)”.


Chuck Munson said...

I truly don't know whether to laugh or cry. I think Kathryn (in her 8-yr-old frame of reference) has some idea that most photos with a younger me are in color (but not all!). But then not all 20-somethings have anything close to a reference for what various decades of the 1900's looked like and what happened during them. It is all so much "ancient" history. Ouch, those were my brittle bones cracking, sonny.

Joe Torcivia said...

WE studied history too, ye durned little whippersnapper… ‘ceptin’ back then they called it “Current Events”!

Perhaps it’s true, when they say that, for a certain generation, Hollywood began with Star Wars!

To be fair, though, they DO have a few more decades to differentiate, than we did!

It could be worse; the card could have had Edward G. Robinson on it! …Mnyaah!

ramapith said...

Hey, my parents were still taking black-and-white photos when I was a kid! And we didn't have color TV until 1983!
(...I'll never forget how when we first installed the new TV, it picked up a few distant local channels with different cartoon selections than I normally saw... but as soon as our local cable provider came in and *programmed* the new TV, the unusual channels were gone, never to be seen again...)