Friday, July 15, 2011

Coming Soon: Big DVD Review!

Coming Soon: An animation DVD review SO LOOOONG, I had to break it up into THREE PARTS!

So, take advantage of my extra effort and formatting generosity, my sore-eyed readers – not to mention those with short attention spans and/or small bladders.

Read Part One: The General Review, and take a break. You can come back later for Part Two: The Episodes. And return later still for Part Three: The Overview.

…Or, you can read ‘em in one great big marathon! The great thing is, it’s your choice!

I’ll post ‘em all at one time, so that they stack-up in the correct order to read them!

Hope you enjoy… Oh, and I’ll have a few uncharacteristically harsh words for a studio I often praise on this Blog.

Be there: Same Bat-Blog… Same Bat-URL.

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