Saturday, July 9, 2011

DJ 3K!

Today, Derek Jeter of the New York Yankees got his 3,000th hit!

It was his SECOND hit of the game.

Jeter wears Number 2!

And the hit occurred at 2 PM!

How ‘bout that!

And "Old Number 3,000" wasn't just a hit -- but a home run! 

Overall, Derek Jeter had 5 hits – Single, Home Run, Double, Single, Single, (that final single DROVE IN THE WINNING RUN) and had a stolen base -- as the Yankees beat the Tampa Bay Rays 5-4!

Has a player ever had a single game greater than that!!!

Perhaps... But I doubt it! 

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Chris Barat said...


It was a memorable accomplishment, but I also salute the fan for not "holding the ball hostage"! There are all too many people who would have done that!