Monday, May 30, 2011

On Sale This Week: UNCLE SCROOGE # 404!

There are at least four good reasons for you to rush over to your local comic book shop, and pick up a copy of UNCLE SCROOGE # 404!

• It might be the last issue of UNCLE SCROOGE for a while.

• It has a superbly whimsical 1966 tale by the great Maestro Romano Scarpa.

• It has a great American English script by the incomparable David Gerstein.

• I had nothing to do with the issue!

…Oh, and did I mention there are quite a few Money Bins? A veritable “Bin Bonanza”, if you will!

Back in 1952, the UNCLE SCROOGE title started out with only ONE Money Bin!

Just shy of sixty years – and over 400 issues – later… NOW LOOK HOW MANY!

Grab an issue and find out!

Maybe Oprah Winfrey will be on hand to say:

"YOU get a bin!"

"…And YOU get a bin!"

"…And YOU get a bin!"

Hey, ya never know!

Finally... No, I’m not sure what’s happening on the cover either!   Nice green, though! 

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