Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hey, Seth… Let’s Talk!

In the previous post, I expressed my enthusiasm for Seth MacFarlane’s upcoming stewardship (…or would that be “Stewie-ship”) of THE FLINTSTONES.

Further, I feel that MacFarlane’s version should be reflective of the show’s FIRST SEASON – and he should attempt to recapture Barney Rubble’s “First Season voice”. That being the one Mel Blanc used before his near-fatal automobile accident, causing him to be temporarily replaced by Daws Butler, and eventually leading the character to the more familiar voice Blanc employed for the majority of the series.

In that vein, Seth ol’ pal, here’s an idea… from me to you…

If the new FLINTSTONES reaches a Second Season, abruptly change Barney’s voice! Temporarily, you might even replace the voice actor! And, reference it continually, over the course of several episodes. After all, no one can milk a gag like you do, Seth!

Do the sort of thing the original series could not do – but that you can!

You could even do the kind of “Dick York vs. Dick Sargent” jokes, as to which “Barney” was better!

In the fifth season, you could do the same with BETTY!

The Rubbles could ALL be imposters, before you’re through! Also, make Fred’s CAR and HOUSE look different every time you see them! Add the second floor (as ONLY seen in “The Hot Piano”) and remove it at will! …And, don’t get me started on the many versions of Joe Rockhead!

As a completely unrelated suggestion, you could re-do the “Roger Marble” (Roger Maris?) baseball episode with “Alex Rock-riguez”! “A-Rock” could even supply his own voice!

And, that’s not all, Seth-Baby… I’ve got a million of ‘em! A MILLION OF ‘EM, I say!

Seth? ...Seth?

Funny, I think he hung up…


joecab said...


For your proposal to work, would Seth have to somehow hospitalize his Barney voice artists and also supposedly have... "relations" with his new Betty voice, would he? Because then man this really would start getting adult!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, that is SOOOO good! Even a bit beyond MY off-kilter mind!

I don’t get a ton o’ comments like YOWP does – but I sure get GOOD ONES! Take a bow for that, Joe C!