Monday, May 9, 2011

On Sale This Week: DONALD DUCK # 366!

It’s “Pirates Week” at TIAH Blog!

One fabled day in the very early 1940s, famed Disney cartoon short director Jack Hannah and former Disney cartoon story man (and soon to become comic-book legend) Carl Barks crafted a comic book story for Western Publishing form an unproduced Disney cartoon script.

That comic book was 1942’s DELL FOUR COLOR # 9, and the story was “Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold”! It marked the first American long adventure story for Donald Duck and his nephews! Adventures that continue worldwide to this day and beyond!

This week, one year shy of SEVENTY YEARS LATER, comes DONALD DUCK # 366 with an Italian sequel to this seminal tale, fittingly titled Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold -- Again”!

I am TRULY honored to have produced the American English script for the story! I hope I’ve done Mr. Barks and Mr. Hannah proud. Please let me know…

As this is a sequel to the “classic among classics”, I’ve sprinkled references to other Disney comic book classics throughout the script, to better celebrate the current series of Anniversary tributes to the American Disney comic book.

Join Old Yellow Beak in looking for references to “Only a Poor Old Man”, "Tralla La", “Mickey Mouse Outwits The Phantom Blot”, and of course “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck”! There’s even a tenuous reference to “Ghost of the Grotto”!

See you Wednesday – the on-sale date!


Ryan Wynns said...

Only two days away! Now, THIS is exciting!


Joe Torcivia said...

Not as exciting as it was to write the script, Ryan!

I got to write Yellow Beak! That WAS a thrill!

Thank you for the always-kind words!


ramapith said...

Hey, fellas... you can find a preview of Joe's dialogue here:

Joe Torcivia said...

For some reason, the string, as David sent it, keeps truncating on the right side .

Here’s the whole thing.
Thanks, David!

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, I might add that the preview cuts off right in the middle of a gag! So, until you read the issue, everyone mentally fill in how Yellow Beak completes that sentence!

And, what the heck, you can also figure out the “ultra-fannish references” in Panel 4 of the next-to-last-page of the preview! (Page 4 of the actual story.)

G’wan! I know you can do it!