Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Coming in April: UNCLE SCROOGE # 1 (# 405) from IDW!

I'll say no more than is found in THIS LINK, and just bask in the glory of it all!  

Oh, and you might very well find a backup story dialogued by Yours Truly somewhere inside. 

Thanks to Friends of TIAH Blog Dan Cunningham and Adel Khan for this welcome information!

It's finally REAL, folks!  
See you at the comic shop in April!

In the Comments Section -- and HERE -- is the publishing schedule! 


Deb said...

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s WONDERFUL, Deb!

…And, expresses my own feelings quite accurately!

HERE is Deb’s link for greater ease of viewing. Go there, my friends! That’s an order!

It’s been a long drought between June, 2011 and now, and I urge folks to turn out and support these titles!

If I may editorialize for a moment… Unlike the, frankly, dreadfully misguided material released when Boom! Studios first began the previous line of the four classic Disney titles – and I’m referring strictly to their EARLIEST releases, not the excellent (IMHO) issues released over the last 4-6 months of the life of those titles – I feel the right people are involved editorially and creatively and these books should be a “fun” read for everyone!

What I’ve come to call the “Core Four” Disney comic book titles, would appear to be in good hands!

Joe Torcivia said...

HERE’S the publishing schedule!

Click on the illustration of the schedule seen therein to enlarge for better reading!

joecab said...

Wow! I'm sure we've all been wondering what Disney's plans were going to be; never saw this coming. Congrats all around! I really like IDW and this feels like a nice fit. And a Romano Scarpa story to start things off? OOOH.

Plus, we're getting more stories from this Torcivia character! That kid's goin' places.

Joe Torcivia said...

Yep, and Romano Scarpa and I even “team-up” in that issue! Can’t wait to see it myself!

TC said...

Now, if only IDW could get the rights to publish Shazam/the original Captain Marvel, Plastic Man, and The Spirit.

And I LOVED Deb's link!

Joe Torcivia said...

Give ‘em time, TC, and they just might!

IDW’s really on a roll – and they have done such a fine job with the Superman and Batman newspaper strips, and Bobby London’s Popeye, that I’m certain they’d do it well.

ramapith said...

There's gonna be a lot of Scarpa, people. Hold onto your manicotti.

Joe Torcivia said...

I guess he oughta know! Looking forward to it all.

Chris said...

Joe, do you have any idea if WDCS will be following traditional format, leading off with the Barks/Van Horn 10 pager, and finishing with a Mickey serial?

Also is there any more duck stories by Van Horn that haven't been published in the us?

Dan said...

The TIAH post we've LONG been awaiting! Congratulations Joe, to you, David, Jon Grey, and all involved at IDW in making a resurrected "core four" a reality.

This is such a smart roll-out schedule, the respective Trades won't all drop simultaneously every four months, and a dual numbering system should make everyone happy. There's so much good variety of all-ages books on the racks these days, we were only missing some solid mouse and duck stories. Now we've got 'em!

Not to mention more Torcivia translations, I agree with joecab's sentiment: That kid's goin' places!

This all comes into play perfectly in prep for the Epilogue chapter for "The Disney Comics Story"—a triumphant return of the "core four" is the perfect capper for the current state of Walt Disney comic books themselves. Even more so, that the books are once again in the proper editorial hands (sort of a 180° from the situation in 1990!) – Dan

Chris Barat said...


You'd think I'd already have been all over this like mud on a pig, but I've been fighting some sort of strange virus all week and haven't felt up to posting. Should be able to address it this weekend.

I think that the strange designation "#1 (#405)" provides good evidence that IDW does, in fact, get it. It pays tribute to the title's past while making it clear that this is a new era. I assume that they'll do the same for DONALD DUCK and MICKEY MOUSE. And relying entirely on the original numbering for WDC&S pays appropriate honor to a title of immense historical significance in the GLOBAL history of comics.

I am glad to see that they're keeping the price of these books as low as they possibly can. You never know, but I think that such a simple move may pay even bigger dividends than they are hoping. Getting out of the "boutique comics" mindset is important if they're going to expand the fan base.

Have a good time this weekend!


Comicbookrehab said...

Will we also be seeing more Mickey Mouse stories from "Casty"? He was building up quite a following before the Boom! run ended.

Joe Torcivia said...

Wow! Go out to THIS THING I DO ON THURSDAY NIGHTS, and look at all the great comments that roll in!

Let’s get right to them…

‘Rehab and Chris:

As to the content of the IDW Disney comics, honestly and truly, I have no concrete knowledge of anything beyond the contents of this first issue of UNCLE SCROOGE – the “Gigabeagle” lead story dialogued by Jonathan Gray and the backup “Stinker, Tailor, Scrooge, and Sly” (assuming that title is not changed along the way) dialogued by me, with both drawn by Romano Scarpa – and the Scrooge and Glomgold story I’m presently dialoguing for the second issue of UNCLE SCROOGE.

I wish I knew more but, at this time, I do not. I tend to work in a vacuum, and that might even be a good thing, for all I know. (…or "don’t know!") Though, I will post more, as information becomes available, so stay tuned. …or “Blogged”, or whatever!

Just remember, though, that I do not speak for IDW, or anyone in its employ. I've just been given the great privilege of working with characters I've loved all my life -- and that's the only perspective from which I will speak.

I would certainly hope that Casty becomes a regular presence in both MICKEY MOUSE and WDC&S. His work sure left a great impression on us, in the all-too-brief time we saw it.

I would also like to see WDC&S continue its traditional structure of a Duck lead and a Mouse ending, particularly a serialized ending. We didn’t see nearly enough of that from the previous publisher. The fact that they are continuing the traditional numbering for WDC&S may be a good indicator that such a path may be followed.

I would expect there are additional Van Horn Duck stories we’ve yet to see, as I’ve not heard anything about his retiring. And WDC&S would be the right place for those.

Joe Torcivia said...


We, at TIAH Blog, thank you for first alerting us to the news item that is linked-to in this post!

Congratulate David first, foremost, and by far! Though Jon and I will gratefully accept what’s left! As I’m sure you know, I’ve wanted a “resurrected Core Four” just about as much as anybody!

…And now, it’s HERE!

I *like* the roll-out schedule! Don’t saturate the market with some sort of “Big Splash”. That doesn’t really work anymore. These things have been gone for a while, so build it back up slowly and deliberately – and it sure looks as if they have a plan to do just that! Also the “dual-numbering system” makes ME happy, that’s a fact!

Needless to say, I look forward to your eventual epilogue chapter for “The Disney Comics Story”, and I hope that IDW makes it a very happy ending.

Finally, you write: “Not to mention more Torcivia translations, I agree with joecab's sentiment: That kid's goin' places!”

Maybe I’m “…goin' places!”, but I’m afraid to ask where!

Joe Torcivia said...

Chris Barat:

You write: “I think that the strange designation "#1 (#405)" provides good evidence that IDW does, in fact, get it. It pays tribute to the title's past while making it clear that this is a new era. I assume that they'll do the same for DONALD DUCK and MICKEY MOUSE. And relying entirely on the original numbering for WDC&S pays appropriate honor to a title of immense historical significance in the GLOBAL history of comics.”

I think that’s perfectly put!

And, yes, the “dual-numbering system” should hold for DONALD DUCK and MICKEY MOUSE as well. As someone whose first issues of those titles were late-period Dells, it is especially meaningful for me – and a reminder of a happy “life-spent” with these comics, lo these many publishers!

Elaine said...

I am happy as a clam. The right publisher (personally, I get their Little Nemo and their Galaxy Quest!). The right editor (go, David!!). The right scripters (you know who you are!).

Anybody see this, in a recent New York Times Book Review? From the "By the Book" author interview of Janet Evanovich (author of popular mystery series with much humor) in the NY Times Book Review:

If you had to name one book that made you who you are today, what would it be?

"North of the Yukon," by Carl Barks. Actually, I'd have to lump together all those early Scrooge McDuck books by Carl Barks. They gave me a lifelong love for adventure stories. And I still aspire to have a money bin like Scrooge and push my spare change around with a bulldozer.

Joe Torcivia said...


Consider us ALL “clams” ‘round here!

And, you scooped me on Janet Evanovich! My mother brought the “New York Times Book Review” to my attention, as Evanovich is her favorite author.

I have the paper set aside, planned for an eventual Blog post, after the IDW Disney news subsides, and I finally get to post on SCOOBY-DOO TEAM-UP # 8 with The Jetsons.

Since you actually have the piece, do you think (as I do) that she meant to say “Back to the Klondike”, rather than “North of the Yukon”? Just wondering…

scarecrow33 said...

Thanks for sharing this great news, Joe! And congratulations--I hope this avenue opens many more doors for you!

IDW already has so much stuff out there that I can't keep up. Presently I'm reading the Tarzan comic strips by Russ Manning. They are richly rewarding.

Maybe some of the WDC&S issues will return to its roots with reprints of Disney comic strips?

Looking forward to regular Disney comics again...and to more dialogue from my current favorite among dialogue writers!

Elaine said...

Hmm. No way of knowing for sure what Evanovich meant to say (without asking her). And I'm not sure what we should infer from "early" in her next sentence...that does seem to argue for your conclusion. But I will say that I personally (HERESY ALERT!) like "North of the Yukon" even better than "Back to the Klondike." It's not the first story anyone should read, of course; it only has its effect if you've already read a whole bunch of Barks' Scrooge stories. Nonetheless, it's in my personal Top Five Favorite Barks Scrooge stories, and Klondike is not. I love Goldie, and what Don Rosa and (alternatively) DuckTales' Ducky Mountain High made of her ongoing story, but I can't help being uncomfortable with the fact that Scrooge takes her to his claim by (implied) force, forces her to work, and then doesn't even pay her fairly for her labor. And I hate the way Scrooge speaks to her while she's working, which seems unnecessarily top/down (the self-righteous parent/headmaster).

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Scarecrow!

If you enjoy what I do, here’s who you have to thank… Those Gerstein and Gray guys are just soooo great, and never fail to “up my game” just to keep me running with them!

Indeed, the creative – and outright funny – energy that results when we three get together is incredibly exhilarating!

I hope we can all continue to do this for a long time to come!

Joe Torcivia said...


It was exactly that word “early” that made me suspect that Evanovich might have meant “Back to the Klondike”. But, of course, we’ll never know… unless one of us runs across her at a book-signing, or something.

Abraham Lincoln said...

Joe, I'm so, so excited for this. To hear your support is a great encouragement for the quality of these, and quite frankly I would be hyped to see absolutely anything on the market. I'll definitely be getting the first issue of each of the IDW lines and hopefully end up getting a subscription or two.

Joe Torcivia said...

Thank you, Abe!

…And always glad to see you back here.

At this stage, I’m very high on the publisher, and higher still on the persons directly involved with these books.

I’ve just completed my first draft of the script for the back-up story for the SECOND issue of UNCLE SCROOGE (May, 2015). Of course, it will have to go through the necessary editing process but, as it stands, this is one of my most favorite scripts of all the ones I’ve done – over the runs of Gemstone, Boom!, and IDW! …I *really* can’t wait to see this one in print!

GeoX, who is here to stay, like it or not. said...

This is neither here nor there, but I will say that "North of the Yukon" is one of the vanishingly few stories that has actually brought me to tears.

As for the main topic, I don't have much to add, other than HOORAY FOR EVERYONE. This should be special. My only regret is that, as I'm currently living in Morocco, I'm not going to be able to follow the new material in real time. But you can bet that as soon as I DO get to read it, I'm going to cover it on my blog.

Joe Torcivia said...


As I was writing my comment on IDW on your Blog, I *did* consider the irony of “An American Disney Comics Fan in Casablanca”, but hoped your American readers, who mentioned IDW, might enjoy.

As for “North of the Yukon” I agree that it’s certainly one of Barks’ “later best” – and perhaps one of the best overall. It sure amazed me when I read it new off the newsstand.

But, as I said to Elaine, it’s that word “early” that made me think Janet Evanovich might have meant “Back to the Klondike”, which also happens to be one of Barks’ most famous stories of all – adding to my thoughts in that direction.

If I ever have the opportunity to see Janet Evanovich at a book-signing, I might just do the following:

1: Get an autographed book for my mother.

2: Tell Ms. Evanovich that she is my mother’s favorite author (that is true).

3: Mention the article, and be bold enough to ask about “North of the Yukon” vs. “Back to the Klondike”, and hope she knows what I’m talking about.

4: Give her a copy of one of MY Uncle Scrooge issues.

Hey, it’s not that my stuff (even though it’s only dialogue) can stand in the same boxcar with Barks – but maybe I’ll become HER MOTHER’S favorite author! :-)

I look forward to your reviews of the new comics!

rodineisilveira said...

It seems that this cover from Uncle Scrooge was drawn by the Italian artist Giorgio Cavazzano.

Joe Torcivia said...

Yes, indeed it IS Giorgio Cavazzano! Really nice cover, too!