Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015!

...Or, try this - "2015 The Hard Way":


...Followed by cover of WALT DISNEY'S COMICS AND STORIES # 15!  

Selected, of course, because the classic "Core Four" Disney comic books will return in 2015, courtesy of IDW.  

But, even that momentous news takes a back set to another wonderful year of Blogging, and interacting with all TIAH Blog's friends and regulars!  

...And, newbies and irregulars, even!  

We've only done 85 posts in 2014, a new low for a complete year of Blogging, but have they ever been FUN!  

And, all of you reading this are the reason why!  

Here's to you... Friends, Commenters, and Robots! 

All of you make this far more fun than I'd ever imagined it could be!  

For proof, we need only look at the lively interaction and reader contributions of our last two posts of 2014 - HERE and HERE

I look forward to more in the year ahead!  Especially with the new IDW Disney comic books to discuss, along with all our other grand topics like DVDs, animation, TV, films, and the great big wonderful world that's out there!  

...Lastly, to close and set up the coming year in comics, here's UNCLE SCROOGE # 20 and 15!  

Happy Scrooge Year! 


Adel Khan said...

What better way to ring of the "New Year", than with a "current-cy" cover of Uncle Scrooge!

I could not express it better, than you, about the liveliness of the comment boards. Everyone here brings an interesting perspective. I am slowly bringing myself to posting on the Christmas marathon.

I am very jubilant about when more information about the "Core Four" Disney turtles returning. Eventually posting my two cents here. Who can forget the upcoming "Scooby Doo!" and "Jetsons" pairing?

Wishing you, Esther, and the other commenters a Happy New Year!, an Happy Old Year!, even.

Joe Torcivia said...

The same to you, Adel! And, thanks for being such a valued part of “this thing we do here”.

Your comments are always welcome, whether they come “slowly” or rapidly. Looking forward to more in 2015!

Elaine said...

Happy New Year to Joe, Esther, and all my fellow blog-commenters! Here are my New Year's items for ritual consumption:

I watch "Holiday Inn" with Fred Astaire, which not only has the *first* filmed performance of "White Christmas", but also has Fred and the others doing dances/routines for all the holidays throughout the year (this is the one where Fred dances with firecrackers, celebrating the Fourth). My other favorite New Year's movie is "Remember the Night" with Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck, where shoplifter Stanwyck travels with prosecutor MacMurray to his Midwestern homestead for the holidays--there's a New Year's dance. And you know how New Year's Day is also the 8th day of Christmas, as in "eight maids a-milking"? Fred actually milks a cow on-screen!

As for Duck comics, I read Barks' "Secret Resolutions" (the one with the over-the-top sweet foods), "Missing the Mistletoe" by McGreals/Rota, and "A New Year, A New Donald" by Charlie Martin/Vicar (these last two not published in English...YET).

Joe Torcivia said...


Happy New Year to you! Thanks for such great comments over the past year, and looking forward to more in 2015!

Funny thing… Yesterday (New Year’s Day), Esther asked me if I had a “New Year’s Marathon” planned, and I said: “Not really. I can’t even think of very many things that would qualify.”

So, the day’s viewing consisted of “True Grit” on Blu-ray (Haven’t seen John Wayne in a while, and did that ever look good in HD!), “42” the story of Brooklyn Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson, which Esther had wisely put on our cable box’s DVR for us to enjoy when I finally had a free day (we’re both baseball and football fans), and later in the evening, I just caught up with some yet-unseen SIMPSONS DVD episodes from 2005 (the latest season released). Not much “New Year’s” there.

Sure, there was BATMAN ANIMATED’S “Holiday Knights” which, as I noted in the previous post on “Christmas 2014 Marathoning”, crossed-over into New Year’s Eve from the days leading up to Christmas… but, I slipped that in before retiring, at about 2:00 AM of New Year’s Day, once I felt the New Year had firmly taken hold. Besides, that final, wonderful scene between Batman and Commissioner Gordon in the coffee shop very likely occurred at about somewhere between 1 and 4 AM of New Year’s Day, so it was timely viewing at its best!

I haven’t seen “Holiday Inn” in very many years, and maybe it never came to mind because it DID do the “holidays throughout the year” thing… but, yeah, it counts! I’ve never seen “Remember the Night”, but I’ll bet it’s good, simply because I like your tastes.

…Somehow, though, I’m also betting it’s generally overshadowed by “some other film pairing” of Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck, which also had Edward G. Robinson in it. You young-‘uns reading this can go to IMDB and look that up – or just take THIS HANDY LINK!

Comics, of course, are easier to zero in on for the New Year, being periodicals that can be geared to a month or season. And, I hope IDW (and maybe even I) can someday remedy that “…not published in English… YET” thing!