Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It’s Finally Come to This!

Yes, really... THIS! 

I can't say exactly when, due to some completely unexpected commitments on my time, but I WILL be reviewing this DVD set, and you will all share in the spectacle of my revisiting this rather infamous series.   

Honestly, I have NO IDEA how these episodes, of a series that some folks (myself included) say should never have been made, will play to me in 2014, vs. the horror of seeing some of them in first run back in 1998. 

All I DO remember is that PINKY AND THE BRAIN, having successfully spun off ANIMANIACS, was the SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS of its mid-nineties day, until someone at Warner Bros. somehow thought that pairing them with the ultra-annoying Elmyra from TINY TOON ADVENTURES was a good idea. 

SpongeBob says: Let's have a BIG NARF for the memories of Pinky and The Brain, folks!

That, and the show itself did not last more than a few weeks, before being folded into something they called "THE BIG CARTOONIE SHOW" -- or, as the link reveals, a much more awkwardly expressed expansion of such. 

Shortly thereafter, it was "THAT'S ALL FOLKS" for the once unstoppable Pinky and The Brain -- and pretty much "it" for the great (dare I say unparalleled) run of Sat AM series from Kids WB.  THIS SHOW, excepted. 

The back of the package lists 13 episodes.  I don't remember seeing that many, or maybe I'm just blocking it out. 

This IMDB LINK lists 25 episodes, counting each individual cartoon as an "episode", while omitting "Elmyra's Music Video" from "Episode 9" listed on the box. 

No matter, a sticker on the front cover of the package promises "Over 4 hours of cartoon fun"...

...It remains to be seen how many hours of the show ACTUALLY MAKE UP THE SET. 

Keep watching the skies, because "The Truth Is Out There", and I'll have a review of this set once I work my way through it.  

Meanwhile, your (...er, fond?) memories and reminiscences of PINKY, ELMYRA AND THE BRAIN are welcome in our Comments Section.   ...NARF! 


Chris Barat said...



That title reminded me of the time I had nothing else to write about re: Richie Rich and subsequently wrote a piece about the Harvey text stories. Actually, those stories gave pretty good value for money compared to EP&tB.


Joe Torcivia said...


I cannot say when this review will appear, but it will be an interesting exercise once it does. Over the first five shows, something interesting appears to reveal itself (beyond the ill-advisedness of the concept to begin with) – and does so both by its inclusion AND its absence. This may or may not be a valid claim once all 13 shows have been reviewed. Remember, I only saw a scant few of them back in the day – and only five of them in the week or so that I’ve had the set. I’ll not elaborate any further, in the event I’m… er, “going down the wrong mouse hole”. Though, if my observation holds over the full 13, I’ll be certain to discuss it then.

In its favor, the series attempts to “construct an identity of its own”, separate from CLASSIC PINKY AND THE BRAIN, by creating its own unique series of recurring character-based gags, and (at least to this point) de-emphasizing the old standard “Are you pondering what I’m pondering?” bit – which is only employed TWICE in the TEN segments over the first five shows.

Also, in its favor, two of the four main characters are still OUR “Pinky and the Brain” and, as I’ve said elsewhere (and from the reverse perspective), that particular chemistry between two animated characters would not be equaled until FAMILY GUY’s Brian and Stewie! Those wonderful characterizations, by Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen, remain enjoyable, regardless of any misguided, network-mandated premise or setting.

Meanwhile… no episode-specific spoilers, folks! I’ll be seeing a fair number of these for the first time. (…And, in return for that kindness, I might well spoil an occasional episode in the review – though I’ll TRY not to!) But, your general observations and recollections of the show are always welcome.