Monday, February 24, 2014

HEROES is Returning!

In some of the greatest television news of recent years, NBC is returning HEROES to it's schedule for a 13 episode mini-series! 

As you may recall, I was very unhappy about the abrupt -- and, frankly, unfinished -- way it ended in 2010, so I'm very pleased.  More on that HERE(For more specific detail on the "unfinished business" of HEROES in particular, please read the Comments Section of the post linked-to above.) 

And, HERE is the item on the current revival! 

All Hail HEROES! 


Anonymous said...

I can't help thinking of the "Big Bang Theory" episode where Sheldon's favorite science fiction TV series, "Alphas," got cancelled suddenly and the last episode had been a cliffhanger. "They can't just end it abruptly, they need to allow us to prepare to let go. Firefly had a movie to wrap it up. Buffy the Vampire Slayer continued in a comic book. Heroes gradually lowered the quality until we were glad it ended." At the end, he tracked down the creator and called him on the phone. "How did you plan for it to end? Uh-huh. I see. Well, that stinks. No wonder you got cancelled. Bye." :) -TC

Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, that is SO GOOD… and, though I’m loath to admit it, true.

And maybe the half-decade (!) break is just what Tim Kring and the show needs. With only a finite 13 episodes to work with, they should pull out all the stops! As long as they acknowledge that the secret of “specials in their midst” was revealed to the public in the final episode.

The "Heroes" could live in a world that shuns and fears them – yet save that world whenever necessary. Kinda like the way I remember X-Men at its best.