Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Superman Saves Christmas!

As noted in our last post, darned near EVERYONE gets to “Save Christmas” at least once!  Ten years ago this month we were treated to how SUPERMAN did so, in the pages of THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN # 623 (Cover Date: February, 2004). 
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This issue was released at the tail end of what was a great editorial run for the Superman comic books, starting with the 1986 reboot by John Byrne, through the incredible weekly continuity period presided over by editor Mike Carlin, and later carried on by Eddie Berganza.    

 Superman (Clark Kent) is married to Lois Lane in this continuity and, as this series of illustrations indicates, the two of them “take a needed break from their busy lives to just stop and talk”.

One of the topics Clark covers is how Superman saved Christmas – nicely done as PROSE with accompanying illustrations. Reproduced here is that eight-panel portion of the comic.  Story is by Joe Casey, and art by Derec Aucoin.  Enjoy! 


Chris Barat said...


Well, why not? He's done just about everything else. (Hmm, that sounds familiar, doesn't it?)

Merry Christmas to you & Esther!


Joe Torcivia said...

Oh, what wonderful memories you bring back with that comment, Chris!

For those not privy to our many years of pre-Blogging shtick, Chris’ reference dates back to the days when we were all reading (or had just completed reading) Don Rosa’s epic “The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck”, which took Carl Barks’ greatest creation to such places as being on board the Titanic, to riding with Teddy Roosevelt – and lots more.

Back then, I joked about a new chapter coming up where Scrooge sells the fabled Gold, Frankincense, and Mir to three desperate, last-minute shoppers after all the stores were closed on Christmas Eve… ending with the tag-line: “Well, why not? He’s done just about everything else!”

And, Chris just happens to evoke that old bit of mine on… (you guessed it) Christmas Eve!

Ah, the rewards we Bloggers reap! (Contented sigh!)

…And Merry Christmas to you and Nicky, Chris!

Ryan Wynns said...

Joe and Chris,

I don't recollect the "...just about everything else!" riff, but I'm partial to any and all references to those bygone days.

This has fond memories coming to mind of Chris' "Life and Times" reviews in WTFB, wherein the questionableness of indulgences like Bombie the Zombie's came were addressed. (Gladstone's bimonthly schedule worked out well with the APA's bimonthly schedule, so that each chapter was dependably followed by its Barat review.) And of the controversy surrounding the twelfth and final installment. And of reading your accounts, and those of other APA members, of meeting up with each other and being present at the Gladstone, Gargoyles, and Warner Bros. TV Animation panels. To 13-year-old-me, stuck in my small hometown on the opposite coast, I was in awe that all of that could actually happen.

-- Ryan

Ryan Wynns said...

(And, don't get me wrong, Chris' reviews were thorough and even-handed. Bombie's inclusion in "Lo$" sprang to mind because of the reference to the Teddy Roosevelt-Titanic chapter.)

-- Ryan

Ryan Wynns said...

re: the Superman story that's the original post's subject -- in the `90's, there were voices saying, "DC is trying too hard to make Superman modern, relevant, and edgy. The pure, wide-eyed wonder of the Silver Age stories just don't translate to our times."

How did it come to be that I'm now comparing the "pure, wide-eyed wonder" of a 2003 Superman to the "edgy" Superman comics of 2013?

-- Ryan

Joe Torcivia said...

Because it's a very strange world we live in, Ryan! And, let's hear it for 2003!