Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guess Who Saves Christmas This Time?

Does this guy need help to do his job?  So it would seem! 

Over the years, at Christmas time, a phenomenon has evolved and taken serious hold – that of “(Fill-In-the-Blank) saves Christmas. 

Just to name only a few, and to keep this Blog post at a reasonable length, we have: 

Mickey Mouse:  (You KNOW he did Santa Proud!)

Fred Flintstone: (Who, by every rule of both history and logic shouldn’t HAVE a Christmas to save!)

Johnny Bravo:  (Oh, Mama!  …‘Nuff said!)

FAMILY GUY’s Brian and Stewie:  (Oh, do they EVER screw it up – though, per the laws of Christmas stories, even THEY triumph in the end!)

I almost feel like, if I hang around long enough, even *I* might one day get to save Christmas! 

But, for now, the closest I’ll come is my Christmas Eve Blog post (HERE), where we will witness the account of another extremely well-known character who has saved Christmas! 

Be there, won’t you?  It’s as close as most of you will come to getting a gift from me!  J 

No, it's not Mickey!  Ho-Ho-Ho!



top_cat_james said...

I've heard reports that Santa is considering eschewing the traditional lump of coal for the naughty kiddo's stockings this year, and is instead distributing copies of the Best of Warner Bros. 25 Cartoon Collection: Hanna-Barbera DVD.

Predictably, child advocacy groups are citing "cruel and unusual punishment", and thousands of pleading missives from the brats in question have reached the North Pole stating they would rather have the coal instead.

Joe Torcivia said...

HA! My home has oil heat, but I think I’d STILL rather have the coal than that DVD!

I mean, there's always a shot (ever so slight, I'll grant you) that Superman could always show up and squeeze it into diamonds! ...Not much he could do with that DVD!

For those who may not know what TCJ and I are ragging on, go here to find out.

Mickey Mouse, Fred Flintstone, Johnny Bravo, Brian and Stewie – and our “Next-Post-Mystery-Christmas-Saver” COMBINED, couldn’t save that turkey!