Saturday, September 7, 2013

Realizations: Am I Eclectic?


It just occurs to me that our last two posts concerned Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘30s masterpiece “The Lady Vanishes”, followed by modern cable TV horror-fest The Walking Dead! 


Would this somehow allow me to be described as “Eclectic”?   If not, it's still a pretty good leap from one topic of interest to the next… eh, wot? 


A strange pairing such as this recalls a similarly odd DVD purchase of 2010.  You can read about that HERE.

Eclectic?   Me!  …Heh!  Fancy that! 


Abraham Lincoln said...

Yes, you are eclectic, Joe.


Joe Torcivia said...

Really? Wow!

…And I didn’t even bring up Disney comics, or Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea!

Joe Torcivia said...

Come back Monday, and I’ll demonstrate still more “eclect-ibility” with a Fifties Sci-Fi post including a look at its stars, its director , the subsequent things it influenced – and the large DVD set it was a part of.

And, a Silver Age Gold Key comic review is not far behind. Perhaps, I AM eclectic after all!

…Imagine that!

scarecrow33 said...

You are definitely eclectic, Joe!

But so must be most of your readers...

Looking forward to your continued posts.

And speaking of a wide diversity of topics, I look forward to your review of the new Top Cat movie!!

Joe Torcivia said...

Well, if both you and “Abe” think I’m eclectic, Scarecrow, then I must be! I’m not about to disagree with folks whose opinion I respect. And, as I go, so go my readers, I suppose… We’re ALL eclectic! ‘Nuff said!

But, the reason for this post, in truth, is that I never thought I WAS eclectic!

I started-out with my fannish-nucleus of “1960s Sci-Fi and Fantasy TV Shows”, “1940s thru 1960s Cartoons” (…Theatrical or TV, mostly by Warner Bros. or Hanna-Barbera), and “Dell, Gold Key, and DC Comic Books” – and sorta spread out from there. But, at least as *I* saw myself and my tastes, that was a very tight and low orbit, that I tended to remain locked into.

But, looking over the range of posts I’ve done here, I think I can agree that the orbit has widened considerably. And the age of DVD – and the undreamed-of access to an equally undreamed-of variety of entertainment products of present and bygone eras – is probably the single greatest factor in that widening.

Still, if I decide I don’t like something, or decide it’s just not for me, I’ll simply not write about it on the Blog, rather than bash it.

There’s a new Top Cat movie? I didn’t know that… but, if its 3D / CGI rather than traditional animation, I’d probably “not write about it” and let you all decide for yourselves.

Tomorrow, though, get ready for one REALLY BIG SPIDER! …He says, “eclectically”!