Friday, September 27, 2013

Main Man Monday – Coming Up!

Thanks to DAFFY DUCK, we’re on a real roll with Comic Book Reviews here at TIAH BLOG! 

Merrily I (and my comics) roll along!  Woo-Woo!

And, with New York Comic Con, “coming to an Island of Manhattan near you” in little more than a week and an half, why not continue the comic reviews!  

In fact, I don’t think we’ve ever had two consecutive comic reviews since we began this Blog… and if we count “Teaser Posts” like this one we still won’t. 

Is Lobo "teasing you" with a song?

Be that as it may, let’s mark the week running up to New York Comic Con week with a review of a totally random issue of LOBO that I pulled out of the stack!  They’re ALL great so, no matter which one I review, we’ll have a good time. 

Could it be this one?

See you in three days for Main Man Monday!  ...Or, just click on the link in the paragraph above.   



Dana Gabbard said...

I am very glad New York again has a leading Comic Con worthy of being known as the New York Comic Book Convention. Joe and I used to lament that post-Phil Seuling the city that never sleeps made do with so-so/OK Cons (including one held for a time in the basement of a Church) plus of course the infamous non-Con fiasco and the stillborn Con from Mr. Bigshot who made his money in sports cards. Yesh! I was glad that finally someone with clout fixed this sad situation. Have fun, Joe!

Joe Torcivia said...


Lobo and I both thank you, Dana!

And, over the years, we certainly HAVE had less than stellar Comic-Con Coverage for being both The Greatest City In The World, and the heart of the comics biz. But, at long last, we DO NOW!

Though Lobo is a tad curious as to why he received nary a mention in your comment! Trust me, you do not want to make him angry! :-)

The last thing we need is to have him reenact the immortal '90s comic book "LOBO CONVENTION SPECIAL" at NYCC this year!