Tuesday, April 10, 2012

See, See, See Tennessee Tuxedo Meet Woody Allen!

Peter & Brian thank Joecab!

ONCE AGAIN, Friend of this Blog “Joecab” has sent me a comment that I feel merits a full post of its own! 

I should hire him as a contributor, or he should start his own Blog.  (…It would be interesting either way!)    

Just click on THIS LINK and enjoy.   Thanks, “JC”! 

For the record, my memory failed me and *I* thought Family Guy did it first, too!  
Though Homer Simpson clearly disagrees!

Oh, and check out the GREAT BLOG devoted to 1966!  (My favorite pop-cultural year of all time!)  It’s unbelievable! 


Chris Barat said...


I didn't see KIMBA THE WHITE LION mentioned in any of the "1966" archived posts!! What's up with that?

To say nothing of Sid Couchey's immortal "Crash Landing"!


Joe Torcivia said...

Well, Chris… I can’t speak for the Blogger, but he DOES include such great “Stuff of ‘66” as Silver Age comic books – DC, Marvel, and others, VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA, SPACE GHOST, SUPER GOOF (!), and even the Hanna-Barbera ABBOTT AND COSTELLO cartoon! And, of course, bunches, barrels and bales of BATMAN!

You've just gotta dive deeply to find some of it, because there is no index, or series of labels to guide you!

As for the absence of KIMBA, perhaps it’s just another reason for me to enjoy the Blog! :-)

joecab said...

Ha! I *wish* I had the discipline to maintain a regular blog, but if I ever did you'd hear it here first. Glad you enjoyed that odd little cartoon I came across.

Maybe we'll see Kimba in the 1966 blog in September ... would that be Kimba's 45th anniversary of US syndication?

Joe Torcivia said...

A Blog is (as they say) a harsh mistress!

And many, including some operated by close friends, are not nearly as well served as this one. That said, I’ll never be the fraction of the Blogger that is Mark Evanier! By February (…of non-leap years, yet), he probably exceeds my posting total for the year!

Still, as with a good mate, life with a Blog is a happy and rewarding one… especially now that I’m not presently writing any comic book scripts! (Alas!) All that stuff locked up inside has gotta get out somehow! And most of it does… right here!

Try a Blog someday… I’ll be a regular!

Chris Barat said...


That would be KIMBA's 45th, yes.