Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Horror! The Horror!

No, we don’t mean THIS GUY! 

Our good buddy Pete Fernbaugh details just how bad TV animation was during a sizable part of my lifetime!  HERE.

Pete “cleanses us” by the end of his SECOND POST – HERE, but not before he makes us suffer a bit more.

Check out this great series of posts from Pete’s always-interesting Blog. 

You (may) be glad you did!  …Shudder! 


Pete Fernbaugh said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Joe! I really appreciate it.

The truth is, I had always heard about how horrid this period of animation was, but I had never actually explored it for myself. Now, that I am working my way through the Ruby-Spears TVography, I am genuinely appalled at what I am finding, especially as an animation fan.

This period was much worse than I had envisioned. The pandering and the exploitation were so blatant and cheap, I can see why no one remembers these shows. I'll be interested to hear what Ruby and Spears have to say this coming Wednesday on STU'S SHOW.

Thanks again, man, for the shout-out! Blogging is a harsh mistress, as you have observed, but the payoff is quite rewarding. Not sure John Edwards would agree with that, but in this case, it applies. ;-)

Pete Fernbaugh said...

BTW-I love how you framed the recommendation. This stuff really is the haunted past of animation, its skeletons in the closet, the ghastly horror that hovers over animation's golden ages.

Joe Torcivia said...

Blogging is indeed a “harsh mistress”, Pete! But, you won’t find me trading MY “mistress” for that of John Edwards! …Much less trouble MY way!

And, if anyone DESERVES a special shout-out, it’s YOU!

Imagine enduring all of that horrible stuff, just to educate your readers!

I *will* be realistic enough to give R&S some benefit of the doubt, in that they most likely delivered what their “Network Masters” ordered. Doesn’t make it smell any better, though, no matter the source!

If there were a “Blogging Medal of Valor”, you’d win it hands down – or, considering the subject matter, might that be “hands-over-our-eyes-and-ears”, while holding our noses!