Monday, December 27, 2010

What Last Night and This Morning Were Like!

Yeah, it gets COLD, when you lose power for 15 hours – and it overlaps a 25 hour period of snowfall! Especially, when both events encompass the overnight period!

Even worse when your snow blower is ELECTRIC, and you CAN’T USE IT during those 15 hours – and have to dig out by hand and shovel!

But, what the heck! All’s well by Monday evening – and, if Donald Duck can take it, so can I!

…At least I wore warm pajama-type bottoms during my overnight ordeal!

…Um, it makes a BIG difference, Don! Try it sometime!

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Chris Barat said...


Amazingly, with the white swirling all around us, we got no more than half an inch of snow in the B'more area. Hope things are back to normal (and be careful with that hand shoveling!).