Thursday, December 30, 2010

Post # 119!

Or… You know we’re coming down to the “Year End Posting Total” wire, when we do something like this!

For Post # 119 for 2010, here’s DONALD DUCK # 119 – Cover Date May, 1968, and released in March, 1968.

But, just to give you something more for your Blog-browsing dollar than a random image of “something with the number 119”, here’s The TIAH Blog Interesting Factoid of the Day:

DONALD DUCK # 119 was released at the time when Gold Key Comics made the jump from 12 cents to 15 cents. This was about a year sooner than other publishers, who would all be at the 15 cent mark during 1969.
The odd thing was that DONALD DUCK # 119 was released with BOTH a 12 cent AND a 15 cent cover price. See the 12 cent image at the top of this post and the 15 cent image below.

I bought my copy of DONALD DUCK # 119 in Flushing, NY with the 15 cent cover price. During this period, I also renewed my MAIL SUBSCRIPTION to DONALD DUCK and received a 12 cent copy of the book to start my subscription!

Other Gold Key issues purchased on that same day in 1968 were MOBY DUCK # 2 and DAFFY DUCK # 53 – all of which would exhibit the same duality in cover price!

I don’t know anything about the release pattern of the 12 vs. 15 cent issues, but they might have been staggered regionally. By the issues released in JULY, 1968 (regardless of their cover date), ALL Gold Key Comics would sport 15 cent cover prices.

You can’t get this stuff anywhere else, folks, so keep coming back in the New Year!

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