Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Truer Today Than Ever!

Here’s a little gem from THE SIMPSONS.

The following exchange took place in the NINTH SEASON (1997-1998) episode “The Last Temptation of Krust”(A Krusty-centric episode, natch!), as Marge is buying new shoes for the kids.

LISA: “Mom, these [shoes] are at least two sizes too big!”

MARGE: “Perfect! You’ll grow into them!”

BART: When?

MARGE: Oh, you’re both WAY OVERDUE for a spurt!”

An obvious laugh-out-loud (for me anyway) reference to their remaining unchanged since 1989!

Imagine how well that Season 9 joke would work today in Season 21!

And HERE’s a related gag that has the same effect!


Jeff Overturf said...

Your right Joe...that joke probably WAS a jab at their evergreen youth.

I always thought it was just more of the joke of thrifty mom Marge that resonated so much from moms like mine. Like her "Homemade Pepsi", etc.

Multi-layered joke...gotta love the Simpsons.

Joe Torcivia said...

That’s just one reason why I still love ‘em, Jeff!

Working my way backwards through the DVD sets (with some detours) in season order as follows:

11 (which was the season I lost track midway and, unlike many of its Internet critics, found it to be one of the BEST seasons – and I even liked the supposed “worst episode ever” “Saddlesore Galactia”, perhaps because I kept hearing how terrible it was!), 12, 20 (released as I was working through Season 12), 10, and presently in Season 9.

Just found another very interesting item from Season 9. An episode I saw back in its original 1998 broadcast, but which can be looked at in an entirely different light today. I’ll post on that soon.