Thursday, April 8, 2010

Still the “Best” Place to “Buy”

For the longest time, I’ve always preferred Best Buy to Circuit City… and this excerpt from a Yahoo Business link to an article from INC. expresses my thoughts more perfectly than I can.

It’s also why Best Buy is still standing tall while (Short) Circuit City is but a memory.

Truth be told, I don't think I ever bought anything from Circuit City anyway. On weekends, I would occasionally wander into the local branch, attracted like a moth to the bright wall of plasma TVs. When I actually needed a new TV, however, I found the Circuit City salesperson to be so aggressively unknowledgeable and remarkably useless that I fled to Best Buy, where I was helped by a cheerful, 20-year-old twerp who knew everything. I later learned that in 2007, Circuit City had fired the chain's 3,400 most experienced salespeople and replaced them with generic, untrained, near-minimum-wage workers.”

And, it’s TRUE, those “20-year-old twerps” have helped me with everything from my laptop and wireless router to my HD TV and Blu-ray DVD player – with great expertise.

Though, they all seem to get odd, puzzled looks when I ask them about DVDs of an older show like PERRY MASON.

Such is the trade-off, I suppose!

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