Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Latest Donald Duck Comic Book Script

Everyone run out and get a copy of DONALD DUCK CLASSICS QUACK UP, published by Boom Kids! The latest in their fine series of hardcover volumes.

Boom! has done a very nice job with these. Great color and paper and there’s a nice little blue cloth bookmark attached, so that you can always keep your place among all the goodies you’ll find therein. They’ll look attractive on anyone’s bookshelf. Even the ones I’m not in! :-)

Amazon’s price of 16.50 is actually quite good, for a list of 25.00, and (if you order it in conjunction with something else to make 25.00) their “Super Saver” free shipping will make it even more worthwhile!

David Gerstein painstakingly translated (from the Italian) and I dialogued the 1966-era story Moldfinger – or The Spy Who Ducked-Out on Me” (My title, of course!). 1966 was my favorite year of all time for pop culture – and I loved the opportunity to work on something that originated from that year! I hope you’ll enjoy it. Do or don’t, there’s some great Carl Barks Duck stories in there that everyone will enjoy!



Nobius said...

Great, I'll put the word out in my next post over at Calliope, etc. Temporarily, I'm on hiatus and Irish artist/poet Michael McAloran is editing Calliope.

See you in the APA my friend.

David said...

Joe: Could you provide some more info and anecdotes on the content. I discovered Boom was doing these other HCs of Disney comics when I visited their website to find out the release date for Vol. 2 of Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (already ordered vol.1). I hadn't heard anything about these books and the info on their website and on Amazon is sparse. Your comments about Moldfinger have been the only substantive info I've seen on the contents.

PS - Thank you for your letters to Gemstone. I had a few letters published about my experience sharing the Disney comics with my children and you had some nice things to say about my letters.

Sincerely, David Lotempio

Joe Torcivia said...


Of course, I remember your letters. And thanks for visiting my Blog!

I don’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m authorized to speak for Boom! but, as a reader and fan, I’m very pleased to recommend this series of books.

Boom! has done a fine job with their hardcovers, providing a great mix of creators and stories old and new.

The contents of Donald Duck Classics Quack-Up are:

“Luck of the North” by Carl Barks.

“The Master’s Touch” by Daan Jippes, Geoffrey Blum and others (seen in the very early Gladstone Series One days)

“The Paper Route Panic” by Bob Gregory (story) and Tony Strobl (art) – a great “Donald causes Chaos” story from 1959.

“Donald the Milkman” by Carl Barks – the story that Western Publishing did not run.

“Moldfinger or The Spy Who Ducked-Out on Me” Original Story by Carlo Chendi, Art by Giovan Battista Carpi (Italy 1966) Translation and Dialogue by David Gerstein and Joe Torcivia.

“Nothing New” by Lars Jensen and Cesar Ferioli Dialogue by David Gerstein and Lars Jensen.

GREAT quality paper, coloring, and printing.

It is very much worth getting – and I hope you enjoy it.


David said...

Thanks for the info, Joe. I understand and appreciate your need to be careful about endorsing or discussing the contents of the Boom books. I sincerely appreciate knowing the contents as spending $25 on an anthology without info is a risk.

I will agree that Boom does seem to be producing some nice HC volumes. The Life & Times V.1 was great and my kids loved it!