Wednesday, March 31, 2010

R.I.P. Dick Giordano.

A great and influential figure in comics left us this week, with the passing of Dick Giordano at the age of 77.
Mr. Giordano was born in Manhattan in 1932. He worked for Charlton Comics from 1952 to 1967. In that time he rose from artist to editor-in-chief.
From there he went to DC Comics, and was the editor of some high profile, if less than commercially successful, titles. He revitalized Aquaman and produced some of the very best issues of that title with writer Steve Skeates and artist Jim Aparo, who he brought over with him from Charlton. And most people may not realize or remember this, but Dick Giordano actually rescued The Blackhawks from their woeful miscasting as superheroes – for two issues before the title was cancelled. As an artist and inker Dick Giordano worked with Neal Adams on his legendary runs on BATMAN and GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW.

He departed DC in 1971, only to return in 1980. This stint would last until his retirement in 1993. During this period he rose from editing BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS to the position of Vice President/Executive Editor. No mere coincidence that his tenure as an executive was an EXTRAORDINARY PERIOD for DC Comics!
Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alan Moore’s Superman and Swamp Thing, The New Teen Titans, Giffen and DeMatteis’ Justice League International, “Batman: Death in the Family”, Frank Miller's Batman The Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, John Byrne's Superman the Man of Steel, Batman Legends of the Dark Knight, weekly rotation of the Superman titles, “Doomsday: The Death of Superman”, “Batman: Knight-Fall”, and so much more.

At the end of his editorial pages, Mr. Giordano would always say: “Thank you and good afternoon.”

It is we, who should say: Thank YOU, Dick Giordano.

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Nobius said...

Best commentary I've read yet on the passing of a true legend.

Thank you Joe.