Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interviewee? That’s ME!

Yes, I’ve been interviewed!

Fellow APA-mate from Grassroot Reflections APA “Nobuis Black” (…No relation to Jimmy Olsen at left – and hopefully no relation to “Manchester Black” from early-2000s Superman comics) published a nicely done interview on his Blog “Calliope Nerve”.

Link to it HERE, if you dare – and learn all my secrets of comics and life!

And please check out the rest of his eclectic output – poetry and interviews with REAL authors of books, and plays, and all-sorts-o-stuff-like-that-there!


Calliope said...

I couldn't of been more pleased with your interview Joe.

Thanks for the link back and the nod to Calliope Nerve.

And you are a real author. A good author. Don't ever think differently.

Peace, love, death metal,

Nobius out

Kneon Transitt said...

Excellent interview, Joe! And it's wonderful that you gave your wife a shout out. Too many comics people tend to put their families on the back burner for their careers (I'm ashamed to admit that my own wife would vouch that I've chased after this gig or that obsessively at times.) It's refreshing to see some priorities! ;)

ramapith said...

Color me pthrilled, old pfriend!

(Though I've already said more on the phone than I could ever say in print... congratulations again—and thanks for tossing the kind words my way!)

Bruce Kanin said...


Carl BARKS and Michael MALTESE your inspiration? And you didn't become a Long Island version of the Dog Whisperer? Or a dog groomer?

Or write for "The Adventures of Krypto", at least?

This post was gratifying to read and I learned more about you. How wonderful for you to join the names of Disney writers. You should be proud!

And I chuckled when reminded of your Baldy awards. And the non-letters! I miss them! LOL...

Great interview ... and don't sell yourself short - I'm certain you'd be a great writer of Superman and Batman stories - maybe ... the "world's finest" ;)



Joe Torcivia said...


Thanks for the opportunity to do the interview. It was fun and, thanks to you, turned out very well.


Great perspective and much appreciated. I made sure I shared your words with Esther.


You’re responsible for this whole mess! I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to do something I’ve wanted to do all my life.


As you were a charter member of my “Non-Letter Legion”, I’m glad to have brought back those good memories for us both! Imagine something that much fun came out of DC abandoning their letter columns!

…And, never once did the “dog connection” occur to me, concerning my two “heroes”. Well done!


Chris Barat said...


Sorry to check in so late with my comments on this piece... You were a key inspiration for me when I started on my path to Disney fandom and, while our writing styles are very different, we remain simpatico on so many different issues (pun intended). Can't wait to tackle your latest, "Moldfinger," which I just got this week. I wish I could be as quick on the one-liners as you always have been!