Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Disney Comics Blogosphere just got Bigger and Better!

Buried deep within the Comments Section of our last post, was the welcome news that our friend “TheKKM” has started a new Disney Comics-centric Blog of his own – to go along with his Disney Comics Forum! 

This news is too important to be lost among a total of well over 50 comments (…and thank you all for THAT!), so here it is front and center! 

We at TIAH Blog wish TheKKM many pageviews and many interesting comments!  And I know that everyone who shows this Blog such a wonderful and enthusiastic level of support can deliver!  

You can go there at THIS LINK

Let's everyone make his new Blog more successful than Melvin's! 

UPDATE:  In the Comments Section, our friend Achille Talon also announces a Disney Comics-centric Blog.  

We offer him the same good wishes as we do to "TheKKM" and, as I say in the Comments Section, may the Blogging gods bestow upon him a preponderance of pageviews and copious comments! 

You can go there at THIS LINK!  Go make him more successful than Melvin, too!  


Achille Talon said...

I visited and commented it ! By the way, I launched my own Disney Comics blog too, if you wanna see it. Except it's not just about Mickey and Donald (though their stories are reviewed too), but about Disney Comics in general (to give you an example, I am reviewing Haunted Mansion comics these days).

Joe Torcivia said...


They say: “The more the merrier!”, and it would seem that we are getting “more and merrier” by the minute!

Let me offer you the very same wishes expressed to TheKKM, and welcome you to our hallowed ranks! May the Blogging gods bestow upon you a preponderance of pageviews and copious comments!

I will add an update to this post linking to your Blog!

Oh, and should I welcome or dread they day you get around to reviewing one of my translated and scripted stories? :-) [Insert BIG Smiley emoticon here!] Either way, I expect it to be interesting and a good read! I’ll be visiting, and so should the rest of you.

Achille Talon said...

Thank you for these kind wishes !

I will try to review one of your scripted stories one day, but it's kinda hard for me (being French, I only sporadically get my hands on American books/scans).

DJYellow22 said...

Gotta say, I was sure happy to see Disney comics make this huge comeback for sure ;) let's hope they stay and become even more popular than before!

Joe Torcivia said...

I hope so too, DJYellow! I hope so too! I'll certainly try my best to keep keep 'em popular!

...And, welcome to this Blog.

Deb said...

I think that having a high-profile publisher in IDW helps a lot, as does the fact that the books got off to a better start than BOOM's Disney line. Everyone involved with these comics has a love for the material that shows through in the finished work, and it makes them something that I look forward to reading each month. I think that the IDW books have been some of the best ones since Gladstone's 1986-90 run.

Joe Torcivia said...


Considering how Gladstone Series One truly revolutionized the way Disney comic books were published in the United States – European stories, creator credits, editorial features, letter columns, etc. – those are truly kind words indeed! Thank you!

Lupan Evezan said...

I have also recently launched a Disney Comics blog!(
It seems like there are new Disney Comics blogs all the time!
I really like your blog, by the way. I just found it recently and have been reading through your past posts!

Joe Torcivia said...


Thank you for the kind words!

It’s always great to have another Disney Comics Blog – and yours encompasses a more unique niche, as you highlight storybooks as well as comics!

HERE is the link! Everyone go there! You’ll like what you see!

I’ll be looking in, so update often!

Lupan Evezan said...

Thanks, Joe!