Wednesday, October 7, 2015

NYCC - See Ya

This is the week of New York Comic Con 2015!  Care to guess where I'll be?  

In the meantime, to keep us all in that "comics mood", on Thursday October 8 - the first day of the con, I will be finally publishing my long-overdue post on the new ARCHIE # 1 comic, from this past July.  

By now, issues # 2 and 3 have been out, and you may ALL have a better perspecitive on this than you'll find in the post - but that's for you to offer in the Comments Section!  

Hope to see you at NYCC.  If not, I'm sure I'll have a post or two to share, as I do every year!  

...That's me, 5,941st from the far back north-left, wearing the "IDW Disney Comics Are Great" button!   ...See me?  I'm next to Waldo! 


Deb said...

Personally, I like the old Archie better...but I suspect that I am not the intended audience for the reboot.

Joe Torcivia said...


I’m not sure WHO the intended audience is?

The “relationship-genre-type” of indie comics audience?

The people who watched Beverly Hills 90210, and all those “kinda-similar-like” shows on The WB, later the CW?

I don’t see how this sustains over the long haul, but you’ve gotta admire them for trying something completely different.

Once you read the post, let me know if we agree.

joecab said...

Argh! Can't make it to NYC for the Con again this year. Will try to see you again in 2016!

And the targeted audience for Archie to me is anyone who enjoys a well written and drawn story, so it works for me! And I'm still a sucker for the classic Archie comics too.

Joe Torcivia said...


Well, we do hope to see you again next year!

top_cat_james said...

Joey, I hope you're able to locate the Real Life Peter Griffin we discussed in the comments from THIS POST back in January. I took the liberty of writing a scenario for the two of you to perform -


(JOE TORCIVIA is walking around the convention, occasionally stopping at a table to look over the wares thereon. He spies PETER GRIFFIN lying on his stomach in the middle of an aisle drinking a carton of chocolate milk while contentedly perusing an "Uncle $crooge" comic. He is oblivious to the annoyed patrons having to step around him.)

JOE:(to PETER) I see you're a big fan of the revamped Disney comics line.

PETER: Yeah, those bare-assed ducks have the right idea - pants are too constricting. When will our society learn? (shakes head sadly)

JOE: (seeing huge pile of Disney comics at PETER'S feet) Wow, you really got quite a collection there. Must have cost a pretty penny.

PETER: Naw, they're giving them away over there (pointing behind him). I just grabbed all I could carry.

JOE: (stunned) just took them without paying? Those aren't free!

PETER: Aw, geez. I thought IDW stood for "I Don't Want 'em"! I better...

(Gunshots ring out. The crowd screams in terror and scatter in all directions. We see an angry DAVID GERSTEIN brandishing two revolvers and running towards PETER and JOE firing away)

PETER: Holy crap! It's the rampaging Ramapith!

(PETER flees quickly from the scene. JOE is hit in the chest a few times by stray bullets and collapses backward into a dealer's table. Comics spill over him as he coughs up blood. DAVID rushes by unconcerned, still after PETER)

JOE: (gasping his last breaths and looking at the comics surrounding him) Well, at least the last things I'll see are the items I treasured most in life...

(A box of Charlton Hanna-Barbera comics fall off table and hit JOE'S head, the contents falling all in front of him)



(JOE is first in a long line in front of the Pearly Gates. He is having an argument with ST. PETER)

ST. PETER: Look, Joe, I told you, Dom DeLuise doesn't want you in - and he's got all the past Popes to side with him.

(JOE turns away dejectedly, and sees PETER barging his way through to the front of the line)

PETER: Move it, ya bastards! Geez, is this the line for "Star Wars Episode VII"?

JOE: How'd you die, Peter? Did David catch you?

PETER: Nope. Auto-erotic asphyxiation.


(LOIS, STEWIE, BRIAN, and MEG stand in doorway, looking aghast. We see PETER"S feet suspended in midair with his pants around his ankles.

MEG: (deadpan) Well, this is my SECOND worst birthday, ever.

CHRIS: (rushing in) YAY! A PINATA!


Joe Torcivia said...

That is utterly amazing, TCJ!

I wish I could lead you around NYCC, and tout you as “The guy who wrote THIS!”

Then again, IDW would probably replace me with you – so better you remain as anonymous as all those guys who wrote for Dell and Gold Key!

That “Last sight / Charlton” thing might very well have been the “cruel and ironic twist of fate” that someone like me could only hope to go out on! Burgess Meredith breaking his glasses on TWILIGHT ZONE, would have nothing on me, by cracky! (…“Cracky”, of course being that now-obscure Gold Key Comics mascot, denied me by my Charltonian fate!)

Oh, what’s that, David and Sarah? Some NEW WRITER for Uncle Scrooge? …No, just some pesky cos-player dressed as Killer Moth… who will presumably get his ass kicked by Batgirl in some seldom-seen pilot film, and not even appear on the real show – relegated to a DVD Special Feature and You Tube clips! Pay him no mind, and let’s continue enjoying the con!

…No, REALLY… pay him no mind! And keep Peter Griffin, here, a safe distance from your table as well. Oops! Too late! Oh, those poor comics!