Thursday, October 15, 2015

New York Comic Con 2015: Day Three: DREDDing the Crowds!

My usual method of transportation to New York Comic Con is to take the Long Island Rail Road to Penn Station in Manhattan (at 34th Street and 8th Avenue) and walk over to the Jacob Javits Convention Center (Site of NYCC) at 34th Street and 11th Avenue.  Those are long blocks, but relatively easy to walk. 

The 7 Train would travel from (3) to (1).  

In recent months, the New York City Subway 7 Train, which runs into Manhattan from Queens along 42nd Street – ending at Times Square, has been extended from Times Square to 34th Street and (the new) Hudson Blvd / Hudson Yards Station – a very short block off of 11th Avenue.  So, the 7 Train now nicely serves the Javits Center. 

I just happen to have, within walking distance of home, a bus that connects free-transfer with the New York City Subway F Train.  And the F Train connects with the 7 Train one stop east of Times Square!  The trip is a long one (over an hour on the bus, and about 45 minutes on the subway).  But, if you’re in no rush, you can make the entire trip for one 2.75 transit fare. 

I was in no rush to meet the large Saturday crowds, so I did exactly that.  The new 7 Train stop is incredibly convenient to the Javits Center, and the trip worked out very well.  Along the way, on both bus and subway, I read the HARLEY QUINN ROAD TRIP SPECIAL.  Remember this, as it will figure into Sunday’s adventure. 

Upon arriving I found someone selling JUDGE DREDD trade paperback collections.  I took two of them, and proceeded to the lower level of the Javits Center (where the panels are held), found an isolated chair in an out of the way corner and “read Dredd” for quite some time, away from the crowds. 

Before descending, I also found this Kelley Jones BATMAN series – with all 12 issues collected within one large plastic bag.  I LOVED Kelley Jones’ Batman during the ‘90s, and was happy to get this all in one shot -- and for 15.88 less than if each issue were purchased at its cover price!  This particular dealer had MANY collected comics limited series bagged this way.  I told him that was the way to sell them – especially to folks who DON’T wish to walk all over the Con to piece them together. 

David caught up with me, but we ended up going to different panels.  I went to an IDW panel in which their CEO and Publisher Ted Adams, and other folks, previewed IDW’s forays into television production.  "Wyonna Earp" (a zombie/supernatural western), "Brooklyn Animal Control" (werewolves in Brooklyn – gotta love that!), and "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency".  Given IDW’s excellent track record in comics, I’ve resolved to sample each one of these shows when they appear – by late 2016.  For attending, I received a DIRK GENTLY comic from IDW. 

Later in Artist’s Alley, I had the pleasure of meeting IDW Disney Comics cover artist Derek Charm, creator of this favorite cover – not to mention the two Convention Edition covers. 

By about 5 PM, I was tired from the week’s events, and decided to go home early, rather than make any evening plans.  And, as it WAS early, I reversed the subway and bus trip and enjoyed a leisurely ride home – all the way continuing to read Judge Dredd! 

One more day to go…    

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