Sunday, July 12, 2015

Yet Another Review of UNCLE SCROOGE # 3 from IDW - and a NEW BLOG for You to Visit!

Yet another review of IDW's UNCLE SCROOGE # 3 (Legacy Numbering 407), by our friend Ryan Wynns, can be found HERE!  

I've long regarded Ryan as a fine reviewer and critic, and he really excels with this review. 

Ryan clearly "gets" what Romano Scarpa was doing with the story "The Duckburg 100", and also "gets" that which I felt was necessary to best serve Scarpa's wonderful story for the American audience of 2015.  

Please read the review and enjoy, and feel free to leave him some comments.  

This Just In...

Literally as I was typing this post, our friend and commenter  "Clapton" announced he was starting a Blog of his own, which you can visit HERE!  

He will be doing Comic Book Reviews, the type of which will interest this readership.  In our Comments Section, Clapton has had many interesting things to say and, with his new Blog, I expect to have lots of good reading ahead of me. 

I look forward to his regular postings.  

Jubal Pomp seems pleased with the news!  

And, so do these guys!  


Steph said...

Congrats, Joe
I'm italian and I just realised that IDW is publishing again disney comics in the US.
I liked all the three UNCLE SCROOGE's issues released until now.
Brigitta and Jubal are two of the best characters created by Romano Scarpa and I think these issues are a great opportunity for people in the US to know them.
Dialogues and titles are well translated; for exemple in the first issue “Stinker, Tailor, Scrooge, and Sly” sonuds much better than "The secret of the coat" and i also like Gray's title “Gigabeagle: King Of The Robot Robbers” for the allusion to Carl Barks’ stories.
Honestly I have to say that I didn't like DONALD DUCK # 1 and 2 for the stories' selection:
I personally hate the story “Shellfish Motives". It's a quite bad story, I've always found it boring to read. Uncle Gideon is a character that doesn't add anything special to Duckburg's world and also I think for readers in the US it will be hard to like him as he doesn't fit into Don Rosa's continuity where Scrooge doesn't have any brother.
Btw who is the person that makes stories' selection? I'd like to suggest some stories:


Zio Paperone e il tesoro degli Amurei (Cimino-Scarpa)

Amelia e il ventaglio della bellezza (Cimino-Comicup)

Zio Paperone e l'elmo del comando (Cimino-Scarpa)

Zio Paperone e la montagna parlante (Cimino-Scarpa)

Zio Paperone e il segreto delle tre montagne (Cimino-Cavazzano)

Zio Paperone e il segreto dei Nahuas (Damianovich-Scarpa-Del Conte)

Paperino e la grande rapina di Tucson (Martina-Scarpa)

Zio Paperone e il tesoro di Montezuma (Martina-Chierchini)

Zio Paperone e il tesoro di Montezuma (Martina-Scarpa)

Zio Paperone e la tiritera della salvezza (Cimino-De Vita)

Zio Paperone e i funghi dei Nibelunghi (Martina-Scarpa)

Zio Paperone e l'enigma celtico (Figus-Cavazzano)

Zio Paperone e il mistero del maniero (Pezzin-Cavazzano)

Zio Paperone e il tapioca di Machu Picchu (Martina-Carpi)

Zio Paperone e i condor gioiellieri (Cimino-Colomer)

Paperino e i trasferimenti di capitale (Cimino-Chierchini)


Paperino poeta silvestre (Cimino-Comicup)

Paperino e Gastone ...scherzi a parte! (Michelini-Scarpa)

Paperino e lo spirito aggressivo (Cimino-Gatto)

Paperino e la notte... lupina (Panaro-Scarpa-Del Conte)

Paperino e la sfortuna storica (Staff di IF-Scarpa)

Paperino in... "Prendeteli vivi" (Cimino-Cavazzano)

Paperino e il popolo Lira (Cimino-Ferioli)

Paperino e il fumo d'oriente (Cimino-Gatto)

Paperino e la visita distruttiva (Pezzin-Cavazzano)

Paperino e l'eroico smemorato (Pezzin-Cavazzano)

Paperino e la farfalla di Colombo (Scarpa-Scarpa)

Notice that in "Amelia e il ventaglio della bellezza", "Paperino poeta silvestre", "Paperino e Gastone ...scherzi a parte!" Scrooge's butler is Duckworth from Ducktales so it should be translated with this name despite being called "Battista" in italian.
Also in "Paperino e il popolo Lira" Donald's Neighbour should be called "Jones" despite being called "Anacleto" in italian.

I saw also that IDW is publishing also MICKEY MOUSE's stories, it's a very good new; here I hope to see "Topolino e il mondo di tutor" and "Topolino e l'impero sottozero" that are two masterpieces by Castellan but also some of his simpler stories like “Topolino e il Dottor Tick- Tock” and “Topolino e la citt√† taciturna”.

I hope these Disney comics will go well and a long career for you Joe.

Joe Torcivia said...


Thank you very much for your kind words about the IDW comics in general, and my work in particular. I’m also glad the Italian stories are getting a greater exposure these days because, if they are anything, they are ambitious and very entertaining in ways many others are not! I’m also of Italian heritage (100%) but, alas, speak not a word of the language.

Since my first work for Gemstone, I have always tried to give each story a good, fun title. I think it helps a story stand out more from the rest. And, I suspect “Uncle Gideon” will be a controversial figure – but that’s what make comics great! The fact that each reader can pick-and-choose the characters and stories that fit their personal canon.

As I always say, I do not speak for IDW, only myself, and have no influence over what they may choose to print, but you never know who’s reading your comments here, so simply hope for the best.

I will say that it looks as if we will be getting a superb Casty story in the November-released issue of MICKEY MOUSE, and it is not one of the titles you suggested above. I keep saying this (because it’s true)… This is, in my humble opinion, one of the best Mickey stories I’ve seen in many years – so please be here for its American printing. …Though, you’ve probably seen it already in its original Italian printing.

Please come back, as I intend to have posts and comment discussions on many of the IDW Disney comic books as they are released. Hope to have you join in.

Caballero said...

I'm surprised to read that you don't speak Italian, I thought you translated a couple of Italian Disney comics for IDW.

Joe Torcivia said...

Shhh… Trade secret. Translation software, coupled with a fertile imagination, a great sense of humor, an ear for good dialogue, and a life-long understanding of the characters! …Don’t let it get around! :-)

Clapton said...

Steph: I gotta disagree with you on "Shellfish Motives." To me "Shellfish" captures the plotting and pacing of Floyd Gottfredson's Mickey serials, with a perfect understanding of Carl Bark's ducks. However, my reading of "Shellfish" was also enhanced by beautiful modern coloring and hilarious dialogue. That said there are stories that I fucking HATE (cough, Kali's Nail, cough) that everybody else seems to like, so what do I know. Anyways, It's always a pleasure to read someone else's opinion, whether I agree with it or not, as it gives me something to think about the next time you reread it. As for Uncle Giddy and the Don Rosa timeline... While I love Don Rosa's feverish commitment to Carl Bark's work I enjoyed Uncle Giddy enough that I could just ignore the "inacuracy", Which it really isn't since Scarpa was writing this as Barks was writing his stuff on the other side of the world, which is something that I hope American readers will understand. However dispite this I could see how someone could dislike anything that contradicts Don Rosa's timeline. You see I love Sherlock Holmes, I've read all of Sir Arthur Conan Doyal's short stories and novels featuring the character. Every time some one tries to add their own spin to Holmes I immediately dislike because Doyal's original Holmes was perfect. To get back on topic, the point I'm trying to make is that I see how someone could feel this way about Bark's ducks. That said it astounds me that Scarpa was intuitive enough to write such Barksesque stories just from picking up on the Barks stories he read as Barks was writing them. It's epically impressive because other than in Italy all the other foreign Disney Comics Producers didn't start making good Duck stories until AFTER Barks retired and they had his whole body of work to read and analyze.

Clapton said...

Joe: Are you allowed to tell us the exact masterpiece you've been teasing us with? I'm curious to see its rating on Inducks along with where else it's been reprinted.

Caballero said...

Oh, now I understand. :) Also, I just saw that the 75TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL of WDC will contain something by Van Horn, but I'm guessing it's a reprint.

Joe Torcivia said...


I probably shouldn't reveal any more about the story I've "teased", until it's officially announced. But, it WILL be worth the wait!

Joe Torcivia said...


Here's the text of that announcement:


(W) William Van Horn, Carl Fallberg (A) William Van Horn & Various (CA) Daan Jippes

"Howlin' crashwagons!" It's here! This king-size celebration of Disney's flagship title brings together Donald, Mickey, Uncle Scrooge, Goofy, Magica, Chip 'n' Dale, Big Bad Wolf, Ludwig Von Drake, and a prized pantheon of favorite artists and writers-tracing decades of thrills, memories and mayhem!

Bullet Points:
* This awesome, extra-length Comics and Stories special has something for everyone-collectors, new readers and fans of all ages!

* Story selection represents generations of prized issues... from Donald in 1943 to Scrooge in 1993 and everything in between!

* Includes Paul Murry's classic Mickey Mouse serial "Ridin' the Rails," reprinted in full for the first time!

Based on this, my guess would lean toward reprint - but I can't say for certain.